Saturday, March 25, 2017

Crewture's Projected Lineup Against Timbers

Let's see how wrong I am. 

Going this route because I think it's very hard to want to change the defense when you get a shutout on the road. Berhalter said as much to The Columbus Dispatch.

But, also hinted he may swap back to his usual formation that never seems to work and everyone has sorted in this league.

Yet, think the Crew can be a little less fearful of going with again since the Timbers are without Nagbe and de Guzman in their midfield.

Secondly, I couldn't see us sitting a rookie (in Crognale) after he received MLS Team of the Week honors in his debut.

I figure Williams and Naess work better on the outside of this formation. Because they have more ball skill than your average center backs. 

Some fans have mentioned possibly swapping Mensah for Williams. But, think Mensah may get a bit lost out on the side. Believe he's 100% a center back and that's it.

Discussing all of this.. 

Watch Raitala's replacement tonight be Hector Jimenez, 😃 not Waylon Francis. 

What's your lineup?


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