Sunday, March 26, 2017

3/26/17: Back on track

Credit to the Portland Timbers, you could see despite a few players missing that they're a dangerous team. 

There were a few times that Zack Steffen literally saved our cheddar.

As a result, this game gives even more in the positive sign category when combined with DC United. 

Who were not a very dangerous team, especially in the offense sense. 

Quick thoughts:

- I think Niko Hansen is a heck of a talent. Especially in terms of how MLS drafts usually go. Good speed, good ball skill, and can finish.

He picked a corner against Seattle in the Carolina Challenge Cup and did well to almost finish a difficult one against Charleston. No doubts again when given an opportunity tonight.

Harder than it sounds in soccer and Crew are not an exception to that rule. Actually defined them a bit in 2016, could use someone other than Ola that can do that from another spot on the field consistently.

Niko was the rookie that I was the most excited to see at the start of the season. I'm glad we finally did. 

Worked out for the Crew.

-I thought Federico looked lively. One of his better performances in a long while, well lets combine that with the last week.

Gave him one of my top performer honors for h
is one pass to Ola against DC United that led to the first PK.
If he keeps his passing form there; along with his missile cross that probably caught even Ola off guard yesterday. Got no problems with Pipa.

He was even beating multiple Timbers players on a couple of occasions yesterday. I was like who is this guy?

Keep it up.

-Artur and Trapp both looked very good yesterday. Seems like that combination just needed some time to gel which is natural. Starting to like everything there.

-Most importantly, two things occurred yesterday that wouldn't of occurred very much last year.

We came back from 1-0 down.

We didn't settle for a tie and found a winner at home. That's even a right step compared to the opener this year.

We must win at home every time. 

Need to get back to making home the fortress it should be. 

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