Monday, March 20, 2017

3/20/17: Three in the Back

The good thing about three in the back against DC United is that it worked well.

Which should allay concerns for Gregg Berhalter about taking chances, risks in going to the formation full time and making adjustments to the formation in regard to players.

So, I think the Crew SC will go that route again against the Portland Timbers.

The big question for Crew SC is whether Berhalter sticks with Williams, Crognale, and Naess since they got a shutout the last game.

Or since Mensah is available. If he slots in for Crognale.

I think Berhalter uses Mensah against Portland. Who played well against Houston.

Sometimes it's enough to know you have a good backup option and to progress Crognale a bit slower; as what if he goes right from an excellent debut to a terrible second game?

Either option I think will be fine.

I also figure this formation makes it easier if you add in others. Because it's like having three small teams instead of any player in their own area in midfield or defense.

So, anyone new has others right by them to rely on. 

The back three, midfield four, and attacking two midfielders.

I think Federico was more useful in the formation as well and played better.

But, I also believe perhaps a late sub of Hansen for Higuain may be interesting and helpful for Niko.

As I think Hansen and Meram as a team behind Ola would be dangerous, interesting for a bit too.

Overall, I like three in the back and hoping to see it progress more this next weekend.


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