Sunday, March 12, 2017

3/12/17: A Rough Go. A Substitution That Didn't Make Much Sense

Photo published for Strong finishing aids Dynamo’s 3-1 win over Columbus

What game are we glimpsing here?

Columbus Crew SC's website took the game much the same. Highlighting the late goal, possession, and more chances that the Columbus Crew failed to convert. Link.

And what was our solution to fix that?

So, we don't finish our chances, were down 2-0 at half..

But, we had good moments for a good portion of the 1st half... And our solution to fix that 2nd half is subbing out our right back? And then our defensive midfielder?

What? 😅 Ok.. Okay, well the goals must of been because of him. Um correct?

Not really.

The 2nd goal was terrible marking on the cross by Mensah. The 1st was on Steffen, Trapp for wanting the ball back 15 yards from goal, and Berhalter for always forcing the goalkeeper to play out of the back even when unnecessary.

Could subbing a right back help a 2-0 game become 2-2? No.

For me, a scenario at times this year and last with Crew SC of not finding the correct solution and just putting the blame game anywhere. As I think there were several "performance issues" and wasn't like "man Afful. This is all on Afful."

Not his best performance, but not anyone's.

Instead how about adding another attacker? Changing the tactical formation? Trying to find a way to get a quick second half goal to put us back in the game?

If you need to get a message across make it by causing a 360 change at half or wait until the game is over if that change can't affect things game and score wise.

You could make the message by not starting Afful in the starting XI the next game. When it's 0-0 against DC United.

Could be multiple of those adjustments, messages and I'm not sure if Afful's the one I would put on the top of that list.

Or SUB FOR AN OFFENSIVE PLAYER NOT CONVERTING CHANCES or make some tactical adjustments offensively. Since were down 2-0!?

But, what do I know, good luck to anyone that wants to figure this out.


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