Saturday, February 25, 2017

Sounders Game, Martinez Gets a Nice Assist, Uni's.. GSH's for 2/25

So the Crew must have the new kits on them.. Will they debut today or in opener? Which would be better?

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk's: Are the top Crew contemplations of today. If you're new to the Crew... Video example of what is a Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk.

Against Sounders today.

1.) Starters will play for 90 where they can. As close to as possible to what you can expect for opener.

2.) Berhalter will try his best to get Ola on the field for his first preseason match.

But, if he can't go today, will he next week? Interesting how bad his concussion truly is? Did he not play as well in Brazil? Confused by this in Erickson's article:

That plan remains intact, but Saturday's cast of players will likely include a couple understudies. One question entering the exhibition match centers on whether forward Ola Kamara will play his first preseason match.

That's at least more comforting to me with no goals but a PK in Brazil. Because if we lose 7-0 to SPFC, I would expect us to at least lose 7-1 with an Ola Kamara goal at least. 😄 Was more surprised he didn't get a goal by being on the field in Brazil. But, guess he wasn't?

3.) Crew have a plane on stand-by for Artur. But, I'm guessing no Artur yet or for a while? And if he was here he wouldn't play today considering point 1.

4.) Some positions up for grabs, but Berhalter won't say which ones. Shocker.

But, doesn't take incredible psychic powers.

I'm guessing it's basically which formula of 3 or 4 backs will start next week, other than Afful.

And goalkeeper.

5.) Martinez won't be on roster next week. He'll either have a Final to play in for Panama next Sunday or will just be returning to Columbus on Saturday.

Cristian Martinez with a nice assist, Panama moves on with relative ease to next round.

Really nice assist by Cristian yesterday, scroll to 55 seconds above, as Panama cruises onward. They'll face Honduras on Monday in the next round in Costa Rica.

With a very new U-20 coach, in his third week, Panama must be feeling pretty good winning their group over the USA.

In the two games I've watched Martinez looked solid and obviously was performing just as well yesterday.

Out of the three teams in their group, Panama has performed the best so far in this tournament.

Either/or excellent prep for the season for Martinez, Berhalter must feel.

Full Uniforms.

Some were asking about the shorts and the full uni's after yesterday's announcement. Since the shorts weren't shown.

As over the last year, what really put the exclamation point on last year's jerseys being not so hot were the light blue shorts.

No worries. All yellow, all black.


From  Erickson's Crew Cuts:
"It's clean. It looks strong. It's got a beautiful yellow to it, the cut is wonderful," he said. "It's not overdone, it's not in-your-face and it's not too much."
Designer Kevin Glenn said the inclusion of the checker pattern down the sides of the kit was risky but paid off.
"There's a fine line between referencing our checkered flags in the Nordecke and creating a taxi cab pattern," he said. "(In this case) it's small but recognizable."

I would be flattered. I mean if LeBron and company want a little of us by all means.

I would like to meet them all. And possibly interview them at the opener next week about "their disappointment." Would be sort of hilarious.

Could probably fit them into a small closet or dorm room.


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