Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk's For 2/8

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk's: Are the top Crew contemplations of the day. If you're new to the Crew... Video example of what is a Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk .

Quoteable: Ituano player Romarinho talking about Crew SC, American league play

"Their rhythm is different. The pass is stronger. The physical strength is greater."
"The ball work of an international team is totally different from ours. We won in tactical quality. Yet, this kind of game was well worth it to us."

Was worth it all for Columbus as well.

Berhalter on the mindset of trip, their decision to play Sao Paulo FC first off the plane, and several other quotes here.

"My choice was (to) go ahead and do that game and give the guys a great experience..."

"Or, in fear of losing, not play the game, and that's not the way we looked at it," Berhalter said on Sao Paulo FC to begin 2017.

I think most would plainly agree. If you get the opportunity in Brazil to play Sao Paulo FC, especially when the result doesn't matter, very stupid not to.

Just go sit down by a pool otherwise and enjoy the scenery.

Which may not be half a bad plan either.. 😉
You're welcome again.

"I think it was a good experience for the guys to be on the field and see that level of physicality, which I think was most important."

I believe the score only became a factor when the Crew kept it from their own releases.

"I think it's a good exercise in not shying away from the challenge and realizing there's always work to be done," Wil Trapp said.

There's work to be done. But, sometimes it's more of a battle to understand that.

I don't feel that many in black and yellow will have that misconception now. I do think this trip will end up as a strong start for the 2017 version of Columbus.

I hope. But, I do think their will be a lot or much more to be optimistic about in the next phase with Afful and Mensah getting assimilated again on the backline.

Especially against definable opponents that can let us know where were at.

We could've won 7-0 and it wouldn't tell us much about MLS since MLS isn't playing Brazilian teams ever really. So, Berhalter's focus was just on fitness and should've been.

Having Crognale or Abubakar going from playing Wright State to Sao Paulo FC isn't going to go majestically.

So, breathe. Enjoy that our team went to a serious place for preseason. Kudos.
Crew may have 1 to 3 more signings on the way this offseason.

According to Berhalter, which is less mind blowing when you realize Artur hasn't been signed yet. 😄

There's your 1 to 3 as it has been reported by ESPN Brazil and everyone.

Massive Report has said it's a done deal. Which would make me laugh if this happened twice.

I'm starting to think we realized that makes for 10 internationals on the roster.

So, who internationally is going? Pretty much they're all new or have potential (even Saravia already has 6 Guatemala appearances) so kind of a tough call. Anyone?

Either we see one of these tomorrow or it's Zeca, Flores 2.0..
Image result for mohammed abu

If the Crew acquire Artur and have one or two others on the way. Those other two are likely American players. One would think.

We may have one green card on the way. But, not four.

Happy Birthday!

To the Crew SC and Sao Paulo FC partnership!!

Okay made that up.

Or did I? 😏


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