Friday, February 3, 2017

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk's For 2/3

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk's: Are the top Crew contemplations of the day. If you're new to the Crew... Video example of what is a Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk .

Crew lose 3-0 to Brazilian A3 Paulista State Championship club

Gremio Osasco. Which are in the 7th ranked division in Brazil or the A3.

Some teams like Sao Paulo FC are in both the nationwide league and state league. For SPFC, there in levels 1 and 5 above (or Serie A and A1 of Sao Paulo). So are Ituano FC, who the Crew play next, who play in Serie D and A1 of Sao Paulo (4 & 5), so an even better opponent compared to Gremio Osasco. But, think Gremio Osasco just exists in the 3rd division of the Sao Paulo region or rather 7 on that list (A3 of Sao Paulo).

Big country, maybe some teams can't afford travel or don't want to? So just play in regional competition. Could be wrong though? Did look a while.. Look.

Either way, we lost at the very best to a 3rd division club, 3-0. Wunderbar.

That isn't good even if it was against an English or German 3rd division club.

Losing 3-0 to AFC Wimbledon or Chemnitzer FC would still be rather ugly. 😑

TobiasC hit it on the head.

Yeah the first one didn't concern me at all because it was the first week of our preseason and half of Sao Paulo FC is being offered $5 million by someone. Fair enough.

But, can be a bit concerned with the Osasco result. Crew should be a bit more acclimatized by now. Not worth any sort of panic 😄, but you can question a thing or two. That's okay.

Like someone else said though, doesn't matter until March 4th. We shall see.

But, even if the Crew lose the next one, could they at least report it? What's going to happen if they lose to some team from Brazil? Nothing. It's not our league.

It's kind of weird to think your fans can't handle the news. I figure any fan can understand what preseason is no matter what they know about soccer.
Ex-Crew Sergio Campbell played for Jamaica tonight against USA.

Campbell had the above debut and that was it for Columbus.
Former? As he wasn't even kept by USL last place Pittsburgh? Well still working out for this game compared to 93 Crew appearances.

Crewture's The Massive Reddit Adventure

Haha, to explain took myself off of the Nordecke forum, now add The Massive Reddit to that. I'm going to be writing to myself one day, 😏 which is fine.

To begin... I received this from a Massive Reddit Moderator several times on my Twitter:

I'm like uh what is Reddit? Guess I missed that phenomenon so ignored the comment 2 or 3 times.  Can make a website, do video stuff. But, have no idea about anything I don't use.

Well, since some of the Nordecke forum on Facebook told me they would prefer my cessation of  posting news there 😃... Which was understandable as nothing astounding was going on in early January after Mensah. Not a page for my blog or Crew news. Fair enough.

Further, some of the Nordecke Facebook members said I should make my own Facebook group (which I did) or rather go f off (lol, which I did) that they had truly no interest in joining (which they didn't), lol.

I'm like well hell... I would like somewhere to post stuff. Somewhat feels more worthwhile at 400 views compared to 55.

So back to this..

So, I added myself as Crewture and did exactly what this moderator asked for.

Guy said "we would love if you posted your articles to themassive everyday." So ok. I did.

And loved it for a few days. Got mad "Yes's!" Around 100 or so karma points or whatever. I'm like finally a place I can do this without it being the death of everyone.

I think everyone appreciated it there because there wasn't really much other news.

Then I get this from another moderator... 😊

So, I try to get more descriptive with my titles and I make a new login. Name myself dougmcferris, lol. Because it isn't made up 😉 Doug McFerris's content.

Sure, I figure you could see that Dougie here is using the same computer as Crewture. But, he could be my roommate. How does one know? For sure.

How does one give a shit either way?

Then Doug McFerris gets this too, a week later, about an article about the Crew hiring a consultant in Brazil that no one might've seen otherwise.. Sorry think it's a bit interesting we have a full time consultant in Brazil now, lol. Got 20 or so Yes's there.:

I've seen other people share way more than 10% of their stuff on there or the same stuff from one website on there.

But, Crewture is the great evil. 😈

And the Nordecke forum I wasn't mad over, just posted something a few weeks after getting off of there and saw that my message had to be approved by a moderator.

I'm like see you later, unfriended. I dislike moderators in general since early Bigsoccer days and don't think anything Nordecke-related should have moderators. But, that's just me.

I got sick of this Reddit moderators stuff... So, left.

This week, lol would've posted about former player Schoenfeld getting signed by Maccabi Tel Aviv for $800,000. Who else on the Crew's signature now could gain a transfer fee of $800,000? Just perhaps Ola Kamara.

Would've posted today's preseason score that I found and still isn't on there (like I found first for the Sao Paulo game as well, along with pictures and highlights). Would've posted story saying we should look at Cole Grossman again (since he is without a club).

What's going on at Massive Reddit now?

God bless.


  1. Why all the hate for poor Doug ��. The only reason I know about this site is seeing it on the Reddit tho. I can post a couple articles there if you want ��

  2. I know right. Dougie McFerris is just trying to help. I would appreciate it bro.

    When I have something newsworthy. Like if it gains your attention, something you don't know, and think others would like to know. If you like it share it as I think that's what the sites intention is. I only want ones there that may be useful. Like the Brazilian consultant, the Brazilian player the Crew made a offer to, the score of Gremio Osasco game. That kind of stuff which I found first. Would be great.

    Pretty sure one moderator invited me, then another moderator didn't like it. Never met them. Been on here writing since 08. Don't care. Just get on the same page.

    If I can't post my own stuff then DON'T INVITE ME and leave me alone, cool.. Because I'm not posting anything else, as then I have no stories.

    I just don't get it really; as there's no way to legitimately prove that McFerris was me until I said it was me. :-) So I don't get why he can't post over 10%? If you post 10% or more of Crewture stuff you'll become probably a Crewture employee, writer, and it will be your own content. :-)

    So congratulations. Nice writing with you my man.

    And very good. Made my day man. I'm glad I got one new person off of it. That makes it worth the trouble.