Saturday, February 18, 2017

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk's for 2/18

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk's: Are the top Crew contemplations of the day. If you're new to the Crew... Video example of what is a Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk .

In Video Format:

Crew SC wins 2-1 over ATL UTD

The Crew trotted out something that resembled this...



And after giving up an early goal played better and had the game at most times against ATL UTD with more of the opportunities.

Overall, not terrible without a Mensah, Afful, or to a lesser degree Artur.

You have to figure if Maloney is starting he's going to find his way towards a jersey number.

Good start for Pipa.


Martinez and U-20 Panama win over US U-20's 1-0

Which is quite surprising since Panama played with 10 men since the 19th minute.

I think that was why Martinez was subbed in the 72nd minute as he was all attack for most of the first half. And was one of the brightest players in the first half. Electric, fast, not a lot of mistakes.

Easy to catch in highlights I posted in all yellow shoes.

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Hearing from captain Justin Meram and Zack Steffen

Two things I can approve of.

1.) Meram can be a captain. The guy can role the dice and give anything a try.. Not just the obvious of playing internationally for Iraq. But, that's his game a bit too.

Also, is likeable to a greater degree than um some might've been.

Longest tenured as well.

2.) Zack Steffen starting.

When you get a US international that played at SC Freiburg. You start him. Just my opinion on that debate.


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