Saturday, February 11, 2017

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk's for 2/11

New Crew target on Instagram as arturl33

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk's: Are the top Crew contemplations of the day. If you're new to the Crew... Video example of what is a Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk .

Next week's Crew SC opponent, Atlanta United, gets all goaltastic in Chattanooga today..

Michael Parkhurst and company had a good go of it today in a preseason trial in Chattanooga, Tennessee against Chattanooga FC.. Chattanooga I guess were playing at home lol?
And from another angle...

Congrats Atlanta United. The NPSL is around or about a level below PDL.

So, if you're a massive club you start off with a Serie A Brazil club in preseason. 😉 If you want to give people something to cheer about NPSL is a good way to go.

If you want the whole game, pretty good atmosphere, it's here:

Next Saturday the Crew face off against Atlanta United. We will be their first MLS opponent.

I would expect a big crowd for them again in Charleston.

Hope they enjoy their ass kicking.

Jose Artur.. Jose Artur?

Where art thou?

Found him on IG here. I'm expecting to hear something early next week or not at all.

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