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2/5/17: Mensah's Brazilian Anzhi Teammate

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The 28 year old, ex-São Paulo player Xandão went back to Russia from vacation on January 10th and discovered that his team did not want him anymore, link. That team was Anzhi, where Jonathan Mensah was as well prior to his move to Crew SC a week before that on January 3rd.

"When I arrived on vacation, I was told that the new owners were releasing all foreigners to look for new clubs, whether by loan or contract termination," Xandão told UOL Esporte.

Perhaps may want to keep in mind considering the Crew have struck out with a few Brazilians.

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The Crew were two days away from the above player, Zeca, in the Summer of 2015.

The player already had everything agreed to be loaned to the Columbus Crew of the United States. A few days before traveling, however, his life changed completely with the arrival of Dorival Júnior, who climbed him up the depth chart in first practice and then did not take him out of the team anymore.

Since Dorival Junior's arrival at Santos, Zeca has played every game for Santos as well as every game for Brazil at the 2016 Olympics.

Then Columbus were somewhat close at the end of 2016 with Michel Ferreira Dos Santos.

"Nothing official has come for me. Only speculation, hearsay. Nothing concrete. Paper itself, nothing. Corinthians, Palmeiras, Gremio ... The only concrete thing was a team from the United States, Columbus. The rep came, we talked and he put the proposals. But yesterday we got the news that it will not work, and the negotiations are over. I met the club manager, but it did not evolve."

Dos Santos ended up instead at 3rd place Brazilian Serie A side Gremio in January of 2017.

Regarding such Berhalter likely wouldn't mind proving that Crew SC can sign a capable talented Brazilian at some point.

Or the work with Ricardo Moreira and everything else the Crew are trying around Sao Paulo eventually, exception being yesterday's work, may become a bit worthless.

If Zeca and Dos Santos worked, or both. Would be amazing. But, yet most times the best thing you can do is keep trying.

So, how about Mensah's Brazilian teammate at Anzhi in Russia?

"As soon as the window has closed, I have been reinstated and I am training with the other players. I do not think I will suffer any reprisals (for being on the team even after pressure for an exit), but I am still looking for a good alternative for myself."

On Saturday, his adviser said that he reached an agreement to stay in the club until the middle of the year.

One problem in regards to Crew SC, guy is a defender. 😉

But, if something doesn't work back there for Crew SC early on, keep in mind in July if Crew would like to finally sign a Brazilian.

Further, Anzhi, who had Samuel Eto and Roberto Carlos even playing for them a bit in the past, has finally lost their money and all of their internationals are for sell.

So, how about other international players like Yannick Boli or another Ghanaian Mohammed Rabiu?

Oh nevermind on Boli 😃, link.

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