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2/25/17: Acura Makes Sense

I'm from Northwestern Pennsylvania and for me Acura sort of fits Columbus or the dreams and aspirations of most there a bit more than a bearded construction worker using his Barbasol daily and his Glidden paint on his DYI projects.*  *unless that's tifosi πŸ˜‰

If that disappoints you. Ok. I mean anyone can and does use Barbasol to shave and Glidden to paint. And thanks to both for their partnerships.

Columbus, Ohio isn't Montauk or something obviously 😊. But, neither is it the definition of blue collar people doing tons of manual labor akin to a construction crew ahem prior logo, factory worker, or a farmer. 

Nothing wrong with that work. Grew up in a place that is more that work near Meadville, Pa. Most of my college jobs were that. But, to me Columbus is more of a start up, idea generating type of place. 

The construction crew Columbus Crew never stated that their sponsors were because of being a blue collar construction crew logo-ed club. But, if you were a construction worker you may be I don't know sponsored by Glidden paint and Barbasol shaving cream πŸ˜ƒ, if you could be, one could think.

But, the construction crew Columbus Crew, wasn't the premise that the guy who came up with the name even had in mind anyway:

Colombian-born student Luis Orozco was one of thousands of Ohioans who contributed to the naming contest. Orozco was the sole person to come up with the Crew as a name; as he told Eight by Eight magazine, his vision played off Columbus sharing a name with Christopher Columbus, with the “crew” here being the sailors who helped the explorer sail the ocean blue in 1492. Orozco had even conceived a motto in line with the league’s desire to help Americans seek out and find the world’s game at home: “Christopher Columbus discovered America; come and discover us.” 

On October 17, 1995—the same day as MLS Unveiled—Orozco was announced as the winner of the contest, but the “crew” the team came up with was a far different crew than the one he’d imagined. To his disappointment—and, as it would turn out, the bewilderment and amusement of many—the team adopted a construction crew interpretation of the nickname, culminating in a shield-shaped logo in which “The Crew” topped a rendering of three alleged construction workers in very broad-brimmed hard hats.

From The United States of Soccer by Phil West. 

Don't feel bad Luis. As eventually the Crew got it right as the new crest could be considered very pirate or sailor crest-like in a way. 

Image result

Things have a way of working out. A bit similarly things worked out with the Nordecke name. 

I came up with the name in 2008 but had no idea Columbus had a German heritage. I live and grew up over 3 hours away in Linesville, Pennsylvania.  I only lived in Columbus for a year. 

Just thought it sounded cooler than north corner. Plain and simple. 

What I did about this time of year in 2008 was went to a place I use quite a bit to this day, And since everyone on Bigsoccer knew the Crew were moving the fan section to the north corner of the stadium. And a lot of people thought the new area should have a cool new name. I simply typed north corner on there and clicked a few different languages. Fourth of fifth try. Boom. Nordecke.

But, was a good modification of the story by some that the name was because of that and a lucky one for helping the name stick that Columbus has German Village and a German history. Just good or great luck. Why the name likely took off or didn't hurt.

I also like the thought of this. 

In the past, since they were our sponsor I would buy Glidden paint if I ever painted, usually for banners for the Columbus Crew πŸ˜… or Barbasol shaving cream as that was rather easy to support. But, I'm cool with the thought of buying an Acura to support our sponsors in the future. Uh, keep that dream alive Crewfighter.

Glidden, Barbasol sounds like the right sponsor for America's Hardest Working Team. But, I never really liked The America's Hardest Working Team motto, especially last season. Or that the Crew was looked at as a construction crew. I don't believe it defines Columbus much.

I like the direction the team is going in. I'm guessing I'm not alone.

As far as the Barbasol Man of the Match component for Acura. How about Acura Drive of the Game? 

That would mean at least four Crew goals a game are required. Which I'd be okay with. Ola will be probably okay with for his Golden Boot campaign.


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