Sunday, January 1, 2017

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk's of 1/1/17- Lucas Gamba "More Gone Than In Union" Headed To MLS

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk's: Are the top 5 Crew news stories of the day. Posts on twitter that are fun and transfer, Crew team related or from Crewture's top source Google translate. 😀

If you're a young buck in terms of Crew soccer fandom. Video example of what is a Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk.

#1 Lucas Gamba Update

The Lucas Gamba to Columbus or another MLS team story died down expectantly with Columbus's Jonathan Mensah news. But, expect something else for Columbus, or Seattle or Sporting KC Monday or Tuesday.

From, in conversation with Union de Santa Fe. Translation from Spanish, so bear with:

Union gave Gamba everything always. Now Gamba presents himself with the first great possibility of his career to be able to grow economically. "Verbally chatted with their representative, Lucas Gamba will go to the United States. "

Seattle Sounders FC, Kansas City and Columbus Crew are the three names that transcended, leaving behind a sounding from Saudi Arabia.

Juan Pablo Pumpido already knows that Lucas Gamba "is more gone than in Union", reason why now he must shuffle and get a reinforcement.

Consequently, now the second reinforcement is in view, Federico Andrada. Talk to River and get him out of Quilmes if the player accepts the Union offer.

Suddenly, by the info of the agent that manages to Gamba, the offer from United States will arrive between Monday and Tuesday to Santa Fe headquarters.

Everything suggests that the second reinforcement will be quick and fast, almost a clone of Gamba.

#2 Does Mensah Mean The LD News Can Be Put To Bed

Absolutely nothing has put Columbus and Landon Donovan together other than Columbus fans.

Sure. Some Eastern Conference team has made Donovan an offer. And because of you know..

Image result for Gregg Berhalter Landon Donovan

It can't be a more economically expressionist team like Atlanta United, NYCFC.

It has to be Columbus!

I, for one, really hope were that team.

Would be a huge marketing tool, good for not only the franchise but the team.. Team could use a veteran that can lead. All those younger players in our midfield, could use someone to look to in midfield.

With a full preseason, still has a season or two in him in MLS. No doubt.

USA's more recognizable international star.. Why would you not take him?

3. New signing Mensah vs. Cavani... Uh good in a way. :-)

4. Cornell Glen Still Making News

The former Columbus Crew striker scored the game winner for T&T in a 3-1 victory over Nicaragua.
Link here.

When he last played for Columbus I was 18. Now I'm 30. Lol, still might make more sense compared to Conor Casey.

5. So agree with this.

Some people like the Mensah deal, while others are saying a DP for a CB?

Anything to not have the back line problems of last year for me.

Preferable to not using it at all? Like the last four years. No?

No matter what some Crew fans can't be pleased.


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