Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk's for 1/4/17- Junior Flores Not Happening

Image result for junior floresGaven, Schelotto, Hejduk's: Are the top five Crew stories, and/or contemplations of the day. Either from twitter posts or articles that are Crew SC, Nordecke, or Crew transfer related. 

If you're new to the Crew... Video example of a Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk .

1. Flores Not Happening

If Columbus were to get an offensive reinforcement, I would prefer that he's more than sniffed fresh cut grass.

If you bemoaned Mensah's lack of play at the club level, Junior Flores 4 BVB II appearances over two years should be enough to stifle a cry.

At least Mensah has been getting time with Ghana FC.

2. Yet someone discussed could have second life.

In Columbus or MLS terms. In regards to my transfer story that will never end.

Image result for Lucas Gamba

Because if players can't be paid, their definitely for sell. Nice find by Erik Barbon.

3. If you want to get even more ambitious.

As Columbus certainly has the spirit lately.

One responder already had that in mind.
Don't see that occurring. But, if you wanted to get one useful reinforcement offensively that would certainly be it.

Quintero is actually a player I remember from CONCACAF Champions League games somehow. One I liked.

Why? Well here.


Good lord. That would be intense.

5. Not Crew related but wow, great.


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