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Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk's for 1/2/17- Gamba Offered $600,000, Not So Fast on Flores Yet

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Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk's: Are the top five Crew stories of the day. Posts on twitter and articles from around the world that are Crew SC, Nordecke, or transfer related.

If you're new in Crew soccer fandom. Video example of what is a Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk.

1. Flores is going somewhere in MLS, that's all we know Crew fans. That's all we knooooooooooow.

When it comes to MLS transfer news, everyone knows Goff is a good source.

For Columbus still not a done deal yet.

Three other teams have to say no for us to be the top option, which doesn't feel very top.

Allocation order, link here.

Yes. Atlanta at #1 could be saving their allocation for Guzan or someone.
Perhaps the same for Minnesota at #2.
But Houston?

Why wouldn't they roll the dice on a medium priced, US youth player who has spent time with BVB? Who Brendan Rodgers was even contemplating as well for Celtic in December?

Were fourth in the order currently. That could be good enough.  But, that's even if were still interested.

New options open up, you sign some other players. A lot can change in a month.

Raitala, Williams, Mensah*maybe are three changes since December 12th for one.
Gamba may be four, perhaps in a similar position.

2. Union de Santa Fe apparently were offered $9,500,000 Argentinian pesos by a MLS club today for Lucas Gamba.

That's $600,000 US dollars... Thereabouts, masomenos.

The linked clubs were Seattle Sounders, Sporting KC, and us*.


That's a lot for us to spend on a starting striker, let alone someone who will battle Adam Jahn for a couple starts in 2017.

Yet, this sounds more like us.

As according to Santa Fe in regards to money, a previous offer was a bit less inspiring.

Or they meant the $600,000 offer for a transfer was low. Good luck, with the below statistics, for a center forward...

Ola has scored more goals for us last year (16) than Gamba has scored for Union de Santa Fe since 2014 (14).

But, he must play a role for them; perhaps setting up someone else. As Union de Santa Fe fans seem unpleased by the news.

Same in this poll, as it says "there is nothing to confirm, but would you like Gamba to continue on with Union?"

81% percent said yes.

He does look capable here:

3. Former Columbus Crew star Robbie Rogers got engaged on the weekend. Congrats. Link here.

El jugador de LA Galaxy Robbie Rogers se ha prometido con su novio

4. Massive Report going wild on the blackjack table on the Junior Flores story. Hope they're right.

Probably are since Steven Goff mentioned Crew and Flores twice.

He doesn't just say things.

Likely a done deal. But, who even knows about Mensah, only one that's done to me is Raitala.

5.  What is the Crew's take on all of this?

Thanks for sharing.


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