Monday, January 9, 2017

1/9/17: Who Should Our Shirt Sponsor Be?

Who should be our shirt sponsor in 2017? What are your thoughts?

My thoughts on the honor

1.) I think P90X has the inside track on new Crew kits because of new signing Jonathan Mensah.

2.) Speaking of Mensah.

How about a spiritual sponsor or a charity sponsor? Unless understandably the sponsorships are that financially elevating. Such a thing could lead to more in other ways.

Image result for unicef barcelona

Like Barcelona does, link.

Why not another good first in MLS.

Sure, it's not going to be $1.25 million, but even $10,000 could help.

3.) In that thought..

Precourt literally could put anything attention grabbing on there.

He's the owner and has been spending millions on top of millions on this team so why not? It can't be worse than this.

Image result for Columbus Crew new jersey

4. It can still be Barbasol right?

Because I'm sure the razor sales were pumping after this.
Image result for Barbasol Crew jersey

As the kids might still be Crew fans.

If it is. I hope there's a new promotion surrounding game events. Not a big fan of the "Barbasol Man of The Match" no matter how the match has went.

On top of that,
1.) Every sponsor does it.
2.) I would buy a Crew related product if it didn't ask me "who that played like crap, played least like crap?"

Fan Beard of the Game would be a lot more fun. And just for kicks, I have bought Barbasol more because it's the Crew sponsor. Why not? And I do like it.

Additionally, hope it still is Barbasol. Definitely. Because it's a good sign if a sponsor re-ups.


  1. I'm good with Barbasol ;-) Interesting thought about a charity sponsor,if Precourt wants to fund it, sounds good.

  2. Thanks for sharing James. Yeah me too.

    I just thought the charity idea would be cool if you didn't solidify a shirt sponsor again.

    Get a good charity. Donate a college player salary. Get some good press. Why not?

    That way you could spin such a thing into a success, compared to being the only team without a sponsor.

    I'm sure they'll get one either way.