Tuesday, January 31, 2017

1/31/17: The Crew Scouting, Searching Partnerships in Brazil

Ricardo Moreira registra encontro com o Rei Pelé
Crew consultant Ricardo Moreira with Pele.

The Crew apparently have a consultant working in Brazil. One, Ricardo Moreira who was a soccer executive of Osasco Audax previously. The same Audax the Crew have yet to play, but will while in Brazil.

Berhalter mentioned Audax, currently runner-up of the Campeonato Paulista, often last week in a ESPN Brazil video starting at 2:03. I think you can take the hint that Audax may be the unofficial partner so far.

Moreira said the following about his efforts with Columbus,

"The projects include the exchange of athletes and technical commissions between the Crew and clubs in Brazil, as well as the dispute of friendlies, sharing of athletes' data among club scouts , as well as the participation of the Columbus base teams in competitions such as the 2017 edition of the Belo Horizonte Cup of Junior Football."

"Among the opportunities we are trying to create for Columbus here in Brazil, sharing information between clubs is the one that is most advanced at the moment. While on the one hand Brazilian clubs can help Columbus with the athletes exchange, the American team can contribute, among other things, to management techniques and performance analysis of athletes," he said.

"An example of the work done by Columbus is by scouting Zeca, currently on our national team. He's at Santos, but was identified by the club's scouts and only did not move to the United States because, two days before the trip, Dorival Junior arrived and gave an opportunity to the side. "The rest is history," he concludes.

In addition, Ricardo Moreira hired a specialist in prospecting athletes to identify and present names of possible reinforcements for the team aiming at the next MLS season. The person in charge of this analysis is Leonardo Baldo, ex-member of the Corinthians Intelligence Center.

"The Corinthians Intelligence Department is a reference in Brazil, not for nothing does CBF use the services of the professionals of the club to better know the performance of the athletes. Baldo has experience in the prospection and screening of South American athletes and we are doing this scan by Continent to, if all goes well, point players to Columbus from January 2017. The United States market is attractive and we want to take advantage of that growth to target top-level players to the club."

One good thing is we learn more about the club when they're in Brazil. 😌 Exciting and interesting. Moreira was also on Brazilian ESPN discussing such, link here.


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