Sunday, January 15, 2017

1/15/17 Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk's

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk's: Are the top five Crew contemplations of the day. If you're new to the Crew... Video example of what is a Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk .

Today's Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk's:
1. Colo The Gorilla
2. Nordecke Trump
3. Premier League
4. Wil Trapp Birthday
5. Cedrick's 2017 Good Luck

Quote of the day:

“I try here to be happy, to convince the players I have to play the best football possible. That is my target and that is what I live by in my profession.

I had a lot of success, but that is because I worked very hard in my job and I'm very good at my job."

Who said? Discover at end.

Stories ⇩

1. The look on my face during the draft..
And/or my look watching Steve Clark in MLS Cup. Parkhurst falling down for no reason against Montreal. Kamara, Higuaín arguing over a penalty kick when up 3-1. There's nothing else that could encapsulate that look more so than that last one.

I feel you #ColoGorilla.

2. Figuring 2% of the section may have voted for him.. So makes sense.
These couldn't be considered selfies.

But, if NordeckeTrump made these great again, got my support.
Image may contain: 4 people, crowd and outdoor

Sidenote: I may have to start a twitter for ColoGorilla.

3. Uh yeah.


4. Trapp turned 24. Happy Birthday...
And/or Geburtstag
- 💕Nordecke

5. Cedrick feeling a little blue (doesn't appear that way if you scroll two pics over on his IG) or yellow today 😀. Good luck to Cedrick as well at UCAM Murcia.

Quote by Pep Guardiola, sounding like he is about to get fired after 4-0 loss to Everton.


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