Thursday, January 12, 2017

1/12/17: Cristian Martinez with Panamanian U-20's

Crew youngster in midfield 19 year old Cristian Martinez, played for the Panama U-20's twice in the past week against Peru's version.

Things didn't go so hot for Panama in their first go, as they lost the first contest on January 4th 5-0. Then had a better 1-1 tie in their second matchup on January 6th.

As Peru prepares for the South American U-20's on January 18th and their Group B in that contest against Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Bolivia.

Panama U-20's will be back at it against Canada's version on January 19th and 21st in Panama, link here. As both teams prepare for CONCACAF's U-20 tournament in February.

When that tournament is here, Martinez's Panama will face off against USA's U-20's in the first match of that tournament to qualify for U-20 World Cup.


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