Wednesday, January 11, 2017

1/11/17: Picks #5 and #9 in 2017 MLS Superdraft In Depth

Columbus can go several ways with this draft.

Since this feels like the first time I've heard 3 out of the 5 names from last years...

And because of that, just finding two players that the Crew may want to sign may be good enough.

I figure the Crew have to direct 2017's draft towards depth at forward and midfield; since every signing this offseason has been on the backline. With Mensah, Raitala, Williams, and even a draft-like pick in Crognale... One would hope enough has been done to sort that third of the field out.

Think it's safe to say that forward will at least be one of the picks at #5 or #9.

But, why not two? One pick is going to go completely wrong (see above graphic).

Two forwards at #5 and #9, allows you to double up. That's what I would do so Columbus will not, which is likely for the best 😏. But, the better out of the two could come in for Ola around the 65th minute of games often.

Another scenario. If you're really sure about one player but would have to move up to get him. Could perhaps trade picks #5 and #9 for a pick at #2 or #3. Why the hell not? As if you're lucky one player might stay on the roster from a draft for multiple years. If you find one Meram, Finlay. You did well.

As 21 out of 26 players picked since 2010 are not on the roster, link.

In this years draft, the only thing that most are convinced with (except Ives which is probably the only one you need to listen to) is Jeremy Ebobisse will go to Minnesota United at Pick 1 and Miles Robinson is either going at #2 or #3.

Below are all the top mock drafts.

Which is now on Mock Draft Version 3.0, link here. And has us going after Jonathan Lewis and Brandon Aubrey. But, also has the most guessed Crew pick in the other mock drafts Reagen Dunk now at #31. So can put that to bed?

What about the name of Pick #31 in Mock Draft 2.0, Pick #34 in Mock Draft 3.0, Dominic Oduro.


Who is a defender. Come on Montreal, pick him as that would be a humorous starting lineup with two Dominic Oduro's.


As I previously suggested. Would be totally fine with Columbus trading both first round picks for a player there very sure about a couple picks up in the draft.

Like perhaps Abu Danladi, who was picked as our 5th pick in NBC Sports's Mock Draft. But, in Ives most recent Mock Draft 3.0 has said he's impressed so much that he may be now the number one.

Ives said,

"Impressive first Combine day showed scouts what the hype was about all these days. Danladi solidified his place in the top three, and has some teams thinking he’s worth the top pick."

If you find one talent that can help the team, like Finlay, like Meram you've succeeded in our league's form of the draft. If you get two or more you should probably write a manual.

So, one should be the end goal of every draft. Any higher expectations lacks a touch of reality. But, even hitting that has been possible, but often impossible for us.

This year at #5 and #9 should happen. If it doesn't, is it a failure? Yes it is.

We've rarely been this high up in a draft once, let alone twice.


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