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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Most Newsworthy or Under The Radar for 11/18

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk for 11/18: Crew SC's most newsworthy or under the radar social media topics of interest for 11/18. 

Turn it all the way up

They wanted the heat turned down.

Appears that it isn't working so well. 馃槄

And as the stories are now nationwide McBride gave a shout out today on Twitter to his local paper for a Columbus Crew story.

Latest video

Speaking of Brian McBride, I included his Circle of Honor presentation from 2011 in my latest video.

Wanted to make a video of the players over the years.

Grabbed over 30 minutes of stuff that includes Stern John, Guillermo Barros Schelotto, Wil Hesmer, Andy Greunebaum, Federico Higuain, Danny O'Rourke, Jeff Cunningham, Dante Washington, Duncan Oughton, Justin Meram, Robert Warzycha, Brian Maisonneuve, Mike Clark and several others. 

So there's a few more videos like this to come.

Milton Valenzuela 

Ten days ago, I came across the Valenzuela rumor. As needed a break from some #SaveTheCrew blues the one day.

Newell's Old Boys didn't accept the original Crew's offer of $400,000. But, apparently the Crew counter-offered a few days ago for $1 million.


Valenzuela plays left back, so may be perhaps the last season for either Raitala or Francis or both.

As Hector Jimenez has been the number one at left back for the last few months.

Friday, November 17, 2017

We Will Give Them Something

I think we should have an interest in a fan and community sponsor run COLUMBUS CREW in any league. 

I would perhaps even support it more now, if possible, outside of MLS. 

A league run by people that care about tradition, honor, and a club and stadium that likely saved this league from extinction a couple of decades ago with their decision to build a stadium.

Called anything else screw that. 

But, Columbus til' I die. 

Columbus Crew til' I die. 

Get Watt and the Columbus Partnership to get a team in NASL or USL or something at worse in 2019.

We have a Soccer Specific Stadium to play in, in 2019. Why not?

If the home of dos a cero and The House that Lamar Built isn't good enough for them. But, Yankees Stadium is. Screw them.

Will take this beautiful field elsewhere.

Will be doing better than Precourt in 2019.

Imagine a 10,000 filled Texas Memorial Stadium while were over here rocking.

Will be run by an organization of Watt, community businesses, and fans.

Will put all of our baskets in the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup for once. 

Will win it and play in the Confederations Cup.

While they suffer, we will achieve and achieve and achieve.

Make it the worst damn decision of their lives. 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Ola Kamara's Highlights for Norway today vs. Slovakia

ABOVE: Ola Kamara congratulates Martin Skrtel, former Liverpool, current Fenerbahce centerback 

Ola Kamara played 20 minutes for Norway today in a 1-0 loss in Slovakia.

Actually looked to me like an improved performance for Ola; as Kamara was the only Norwegian attacking player that bothered to make a run at Slovakian defenders.

In addition, for the second game in a row if another Norwegian player would've passed the ball to a wide open Ola would've been 1-0 again (:54 second mark in below video).

Monday, November 13, 2017

VIDEO: Won't be our final song

It won't be our final song, but perhaps it should be yours in sports Anthony Precourt.

Music by:

Highlights of Harrison Afful in yesterday's international 1-1 tie for Ghana vs. Egypt

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Ola Kamara's first start for Norway since 2014 ends in 2-0 loss

A solid write up here from VG Norway.

Norway fans didn't seem too amazed overall. Which regarding that last shot can't really blame them there.

However, hopefully Ola receives a second chance on Tuesday.

Kamara didn't score in his first 230 minutes on the field for Columbus. 

Was blanked in his first two starts before unloading a hat trick the next game against Real Salt Lake.

If he does go again it's on ESPN 3 on Tuesday so will have more highlights for you.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Austin City Council Meeting Yesterday

ABOVE: Richard Suttle representing Precourt Sports Ventures at the Austin City Council

A truncated version of yesterday's Austin City Council Vote on Item 46.

Which was to a
pprove a resolution directing the City Manager to identify City-owned sites that could be used by a Major League Soccer team, as well as community benefits that could be generated by such a use.

If you have some time to burn here is the whole 45 minute video if you scroll down to Item 46.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk for 11/8.. Most Newsworthy or Under The Radar

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk for 11/8: Crew SC's most newsworthy or under the radar social media topics of interest for 11/8. 

Image result for Milton Valenzuela
ABOVE: Milton Valenzuela plays left back for Argentina U20's

Crew SC interested in Milton Valenzuela and make $400,000 to $700,000 offer to Newell's Old Boys. 

Crew SC offered $400,000 for Milton Valenzuela and are as well interested in Newell's 20 year old midfielder Joaquin Torres.

Link to Planet Newell's above link. Where above image appears on Facebook.

The offer has made the rounds elsewhere. Hernan Cabrera who first mentioned transfer online yesterday from what I saw (and I guess others as apparently you can't mention Crewture found the news 馃槄) mentions $400,000 offer as well.

Racing Club of Argentina perhaps made a similar offer for 70 percent at $700,000.
I'm not sure if everything in Argentina just works by Twitter hearsay 馃槄 or if there is an article somewhere with all of these details (EDIT: found one below).

But, if Racing offer is true Crew SC's new offer would have to be at least $700,000.

And apparently Crew SC isn't the only Major League Soccer team with an interest in Milton. As unsurprisingly Atlanta United and it's Argentine manager Gerardo Martino is also hunting Milton along with a few other Argentinian players.

They already captured Newell's Franco Escobar and apparently the cash strapped Newell's Old Boys has put Valenzuela up for sell and now Racing Club, the Columbus Crew, and Atlanta United are all asking questions.

Apparently the Crew are prepared to improve their offer. 
Or perhaps already have. A well done news article on Valenzuela transfer appears here by El Ciudadano that already says Crew have made a $700,000 offer.

Board of directors said $400,000 offer was insufficient. So perhaps offer was already improved to $700,000 and cash strapped Newell's Old Boys is considering.

Crew SC have gone nearly this young before with previous Jhon Murillo offer.

The 21 year old Venezuelan Benfican midfielder was given $3.1 million offer by Crew this Summer which Benfica turned down. Benfica preferred instead to keep player on the books by sending him on loan to Kasimpasa of the Turkish Super Lig.

The Crew ended up with 29 year old Pedro Santos instead.

Murillo has scored 3 goals in 10 appearances so far for Kasimpasa.

is also apparently interested in another right winger, possible attacking midfielder in Newell's Old Boys 20 year old Joaquin Torres.

Image result for joaqu铆n torres newell's

The analytics behind #SaveTheCrew

Very cool from Voxx Analytics
Which makes one wonder if this is the face of whoever in the #CrewSC office created the #ClaimGlory hashtag when they check #SaveTheCrew.

As unless you want to count this, I've used #ClaimGlory zero times

Talk about being a bit outshone by your fans on the social media. 

Precourt just apparently wants to be in Austin. A dream of his.

From Tony Galiffo

Random cool:

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Crew after 19 year old Argentine left back

Image result for Milton Valenzuela

Appears to be the case looking at Twitter today.

The offer has at least been made for the Newell's Old Boys left back Milton Valenzuela.

Valenzuela has started six games for Newell's Old Boys this season in Superliga Argentina and two for Argentina in the U20 World Cup.

Looking at the comments on Cabrera's tweet above doesn't appear to be the most popular move perhaps?

Regardless, looking for a left back means Raitala is more than likely on his way in the offseason.

Jimenez is just a solution for now possibly at that position.

Ola Kamara called up to Norwegian national team. Crew fans may want it to be at another time.

Congrats to Ola Kamara. If anyone deserves an international call up after scoring 34 goals in two seasons it's Ola.

Or well anyone that scores 34 professional goals in two seasons well deserves an international call up. 

Norway's manager Lars Lagerback must of went to the Precourt school of thought. 

However, the call up would've been perhaps better at any other time over the last year and a half.

And has Crew fans even pondering the conspiracy theories.

Ola Kamara will have a week to recoup between Norway's second match against Slovakia and the big Eastern Conference Final against Toronto FC on November 21st.

Ola and Norway will play Macedonia in Macedonia on Saturday, November 11th. Followed up by Slovakia in Slovakia on Tuesday, November 14th.

"It's a great feeling to move on. The season just gets better and better," said Ola Kamara.
"Becoming the first Norwegian to (be in a MLS final) would be the biggest thing I have done."
Crew fans are just hoping he's healthy. 
Noah Murray/ USA Today
But, should be as watchful for Harrison Afful as well. Harry has been called up by Ghana on November 12th.
Without Afful's goal in the final stages of the leg one game against NYCFC we're probably out.
Just hope both enjoy but are smart out there.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Never know what can make a difference. So try anything

Because you never know what can make a difference. 

I think all that have thirty minutes, a hour should send a thoughtful message out to Austin's Mayor and these council members.
They could ignore.

And likely will ignore most. 

But, if the only interest in the story is coming from fans of the team in another city then perhaps they'll think differently.

Not want to make their first professional top tier team in their city this story.

My try:

Could be pointless. Saw a message or two on Twitter saying shouldn't be our focus. Should focus on supporting our team in the stands.

Well we got two weeks and today was my day off. So, can't hurt.

Who knows what they could connect with. I'm sure one or two, likely all eleven, have bigger hearts and an ability to connect, care compared to Anthony Precourt.

Crew vs. NYCFC Leg 2: The Game, Players, and Fans

Noah Murray/ USA Today

Top Performances from Match:

Columbus were without a chance of surviving until the introduction of Lalas Abubakar as a third center back.

Along with Kekuta Manneh relieving some pressure, gaining corner kicks, wasting some valuable time.

I'll give Berhalter credit for finding a way. As it didn't look very promising after the second goal early on in the second half.

At that point I was moving my jacket around attempting to find a resting spot that could lead to a goal.

Yeah I'm nuts. 馃槄

When it got too daunting to watch I held my cat, staring at him and whispering everything is going to be okay in an attempt to comfort oneself.

Then my power went out for 30 second intervals in the 88th and 91st minute to almost take care of that. 

As I turned the TV back on, I was like if there's a NYCFC celebration going on I'll lose my mind.

Crew fans at Yankee Stadium Sunday

Also, here is a short video of Sunday night's action if you want to um relive all the fun.

Somewhat more enjoyable over 2 minutes compared to 90.

See you on the 21st!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Crew players peaking at correct time

Pedro Santos had likely his best Crew game so far on Tuesday Sam Fahmi/ Massive Report

Pedro Santos had his best game in a Columbus Crew uniform.

While Artur and Harrison Afful got their first goals in 2017 on Tuesday. Talk about peaking at the correct time.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Precourt Sport Ventures attempts to drum up support in Austin day after Crew's huge victory

Photo by Jason Jarrett

Even on a table David Greeley has about the passion of a dead fish.

It seems a good amount even have doubts about a PSV run team in Austin.

Videos & photos from Crew Playoff win over NYCFC

Photo by Sam Fahmi/Massive Report, more of his are below.



Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Columbus Til' I Die By Nick Lohr

From a supporter that's been there since the first Crew goal from Brian McBride.

Columbus Til' I Die
By Nick Lohr

Monday, October 30, 2017

✜ Support from fans of Sporting KC ✜ San Antonio officials lied to? ✜ Only one thing to do tomorrow, fill Mapfre

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk for 10/30: Three Crew SC-related social media topics of interest for today. 

Support from Sporting Kansas City fans 

Image result for sporting kc

A fan base that understands and is artifact number one that relocation is a low standard, incorrect answer. Rather instead with the correct ownership an original Major League Soccer club can flourish quite profoundly. 

It's not impossible. 

Passion and fans are not missing from Columbus. 

City hall rally anyone?

Bar watch parties last week?

This isn't some big shocker or new fad. 

I've seen Toronto vs. Columbus, West Ham, Eastern Conference Semifinal in 08'. I've seen the Nordecke shake. Crew fans do not have an interest in backing down. Being a Crew fan isn't a weekend escape for some but rather being a Crew fan is their life. 

So when you mess with a hornet's nest best of luck. 

Just has been a minute since we've had ownership that could get things done or had a clue how to.

So, if someone who could change the direction of the last few weeks would listen? 

The following is a well-written request sent from The Blue Testament to Sporting Kansas City ownership to vote "no" on Columbus relocation:

We are asking you for something very big — not just for the Columbus fans who deserve far better than they are getting right now from their ownership, but for you as well, because of how you preserved, fostered, and nurtured soccer in Kansas City and would need to go against the grain to call for the same now on Columbus’s behalf. We are asking you to potentially go against the wishes of a colleague within a rarefied fraternity.
But we would not ask you to consider this if we did not value this part of Sporting Kansas City’s own history, of being revitalized without also being relocated. And the Crew doesn’t even need to be revitalized, it just needs ownership committed to remaining in Columbus.
If the move away from Columbus comes to a vote, we respectfully urge you to consider voting against such a move.
Thanks for reading.
For the writing and editorial staff of The Blue Testament,
Eric Atcheson
Kansas City Wizards STM, 1997-2005

Thanks Eric.

There is enough history and fabric in Columbus (and then some and then some) worth building off of compared to making up something synthetic elsewhere.

San Antonio officials buy local soccer stadium because of MLS, perhaps lied to?

Image result for Toyota Field

Bexar County purchased Toyota Field because of Major League Soccer.

According to Columbus Business First:

San Antonio is one of the cities seeking a MLS expansion franchise.

"On November 2, 2015, Major League Soccer President Mark Abbott met with Bexar County Manager David Smith and me," San Antonio Judge Nelson Wolff wrote. "We discussed our proposed plan to purchase Toyota Field and made it clear that we would only purchase Toyota Field if there was a clear path toward a Major League Soccer expansion franchise in San Antonio.

"Mr. Abbott encouraged us to move forward and submit a bid. We were also told that Major League Soccer would not establish franchises in both Austin and San Antonio."

The county did, in fact, purchase Toyota Field.

The city of Austin is moving forward with a process to find city land there for a stadium. Crew SC owner Anthony Precourt and MLS for months have been working on a plan to move the team to Austin.

Major League Soccer sent us this statement Monday afternoon:

“Major League Soccer has received the letter from Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff. We are in the process of reviewing the letter and preparing a formal response. Although that review is not yet complete, we strongly disagree with Judge Wolff’s assertion that we misled either him or any public official about the prospects for San Antonio acquiring an MLS expansion team.”

Only one thing to do tomorrow, fill Mapfre

Make Columbus beyond electric tomorrow. Make tomorrow the Eastern Conference Semifinal from 2008 times one hundred, one thousand, one million.

At least someone is getting the word out. Some people are too busy.

But, don't worry will be there.