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Monday, September 25, 2017

Scoring defenders ✜ Crew support bill ✜ Comforting ✜

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk for 9/25: Three Crew SC-related social media topics of interest for today.

Scoring defenders

Williams scored the game winner. Picture: Sam Fahmi/The Massive Report

''It’s always about determination and knowing you’re going to get it. You make the good run, with a good ball you are going to be in the right spot,'' opening scorer Jonathan Mensah said in a post-match interview.

''We just have to keep working on it and we will get goals out of it too."

Jonathan Mensah scored the opening goal on Saturday in the 6th minute. Josh Williams scored the game winning goal 60 minutes later in the 66th minute.

6 and 66. 😨 Save us preacher.
Glad that they stepped up because we needed the goals.

Fantasy sports industry bill supported by Columbus Crew SC

The bill could make fantasy sports legal in Ohio and exempt from state gambling laws by 2018. Link.

"Yeah who cares if a pro sports team leaves your town." πŸ˜’ What the hell?

52% percent of Columbus in this guys poll voted "no" or "don't care."

I voted too. 

Sure other Crew fans did with the #CrewSC hashtag as well. So, that's even more impressive.

But, where do bullshit polls like this come from? 

You keep bringing the possibility up and some day you wish it on yourself. 

Here's a crazy idea. It costs $20 bucks to catch a game, um support the Crew? They're playing great soccer now. 

I mean there's only about 30 other cities out there now that would kill to have a MLS club. 

Got to be the only fanbase where questions like this come up randomly. 

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Federico Higuain matches honor that fellow Crew Argentine Guillermo Barros Schelotto hit

Higuain repeated a feat that his compatriot Guillermo Barros-Schelotto made in the memorable final of the MLS Cup in 2008. Almost 9 years ago, the Argentine idol had registered a hat-trick of assists to beat the Red Bulls in that final. And on Saturday night, although without the cup to battle, Higuain did the same to the same rival. 

That Crew Religion

By James Cochran

It is 1 a.m. Sunday morning, and I am in the back seat of a car full of Columbus Crew fans heading south, tired but happy after a 3-2 win over the New York Red Bulls. In the dark, my mind turns to the parallels between organized sports and organized religion. It may not be Mecca or Jerusalem, but as someone who has never partaken in organized religion, a pilgrimage to the cathedral of sport that is Mapfre Stadium may be the closest thing I've got.

The Crew brings together a diverse group of people who celebrate and support, you might even say worship together. To some it may seem silly to invest such time, energy, money, and emotion into what is essentially a group of grown men chasing a ball around a grassy field for 90 minutes. Some people in the ancient Mayan empire of Central America may have thought the same thing about Juego de Pelota, or Ball Game, a sport even more inextricably linked with religion and ceremony. I suppose we can at least be glad that unlike them, the losing MLS team does not become human sacrifice, and suffers merely a slide down the table.

We wrap ourselves in the colors of the team, the black and gold, adorning ourselves with scarves, shirts, hats, and other ceremonial vestments. We study the printed word to gain greater understanding or our team, and by extension ourselves and our place in the world. What is our position in the table, what might we change, or do better, what mistakes from the past can we correct? We take comfort in, or take exception to, the analysis of sages and experts, debating the finer points of formation, coaching decisions, etc.

We partake in the ritual consumption of certain foods and beverages as we gather around the stadium before the game, not the communion wafer and wine, perhaps, but beer and grilled meats. Then, as kickoff nears we fill the stadium, our hearts quicken to the beating of drums, and we begin to chant together, smoke rising through the evening air. We are transported to a magic and sacred space where, for the next 90 minutes (plus stoppage time) we are united, hearts and minds and voices linked and yearning for a triumph, a revelation, a positive confirmation of our belief in the team. There is no thought of family troubles, work, bank accounts, politics, or anything but what is happening on the field. As the game nears an end we link arms and sway, shoulder to shoulder and serenade the team with the words "I can't help falling in love with Crew." We are protected from the outside world until the final whistle blows.

For some there will be church on Sunday, or lawns to mow, laundry to do, for most there will be work on Monday, but for now we leave the black and gold temple, voices spent, hearts content, to return home and rest our bodies and souls.

Good... Good... Good Playoff Vibrations

Yesterday's game has me feeling a certain type of way.


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Friday, September 22, 2017

Lineup Preview for Crew SC vs. New York Red Bull

Over the last four games.

The Crew SC defense hasn't become solidified yet even with one defender going to Europe.

Against the LA Galaxy at home on August 23rd:

Waylon Francis (Jukka Raitala 33’), Josh Williams, Jonathan Mensah, Hector Jimenez.

Against FC Dallas at home on August 26th:

Jukka Raitala, Josh Williams, Jonathan Mensah, Hector Jimenez (Harrison Afful 77').

Against Sporting KC at home on September 10th:

Jukka Raitala, Josh Williams, Jonathan Mensah, Hector Jimenez (Harrison Afful 84’)

Against Vancouver Whitecaps away on September 17th:

Hector Jimenez, Lalas Abubaker, Josh Williams, Harrison Afful

In the last four matches, there's been three different starters at left back. Two different at right back. Two different center back formations.

The only player that has appeared in the same spot for all four games has been Josh Williams.

Oddly that's about the closest the back four has been to being the same all year.

Yet, still could be more solidified, concrete. 

It's great if we think every defender can do the job. But, that doesn't mean it is smart to continue to attempt to prove validity of idea with the playoffs coming up.

I would like to see Columbus pick a back four and keep it consistent from this time on. Think it would help.

**Artur will likely start.

His arm cast was caused earlier in the year against NYRB.

Which has led to recent hamstring problems.

Also, when one considers Berhalter started Manneh for the first time in forever against the team that traded him.

He'll also want to start Artur against the team that's given him an annoying issue most of the year.
**First off the bench: Kekuta Manneh.

Not sure if you want to sub Meram out after sitting him last week. So, perhaps for Pedro Santos on the right side late in the game.

Top & Bottom 5: Does Crew SC Got Talent?

Top & Bottom 5
By Ken Miller, Twitter: @Metaphortune

I often find myself asking the tough questions about Crew SC. Will we ever have a defense that doesn’t make me clench my entire body when defending a 2-1 lead?

Will we ever score a header from a corner kick or free kick again?

Why hasn’t Ola been called up for Norway?

Who would be best at Karaoke?

So here’s the scenario: The entire Crew SC squad, including players on the Season Ending Injury list and players on loan to other clubs, has gone out to a Karaoke bar in Columbus.

Everyone is going to do one song.

Which Crew SC players would be the best at Karaoke and which Crew SC players would be the worst at Karaoke?

Let’s delve into this truly important discussion.

NOTE: I’ll be totally frank here, my knowledge of music is largely limited to English speaking music made in the “Western” world. Taking that into account, I’m only going to pick songs in English, even for the players that may speak other languages.

TOP 5:

  1. Lalas Abubakar
Lalas is a free spirit. This dude would be the first person signing up for Karaoke even though he can’t sing, he’d be up there putting everything he’s got into his song, and everyone in the crowd would be into it.

Signature Song: Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars (et al)

  1. Justin Meram
Justin Meram just kind of has a certain swagger about him. You see how smooth he is on the field, I imagine that smoothness would transfer incredibly well to the karaoke stage. Definitely would be singing a song to someone in the crowd that he thinks is cute.

Signature Song: She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5

  1. Josh Williams
Josh Williams would be about 2 beers into the night and decide that he HAS to go up to do a classic rock song. He definitely saw Foreigner with his dad when he was 13. He knows every single note of the solo to Sweet Child O’ Mine and will gladly sing along to it.

Signature Song: Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey

  1. Ola Kamara
We already know Ola loves to sing in front of large crowds into a device that amplifies his voice, so this seems logical to me. Ola would probably sing something that’s smooth but energetic. I assume he’s a good dancer based on his goal celebrations.

Signature Song: Hotline Bling by Drake

  1. Gaston Sauro
C’mon, Gaston is a lil’ prankster and everyone knows it. He’s just got a certain spirit about him that leads me to believe he’d be a great karaoke singer. At the very least, the Latin contingent would be cheering him on with verve. Definitely knows at least one Rolling Stones album, which was likely given to him by Pipa.

Signature Song: You Can’t Always Get What You Want by The Rolling Stones


5. Waylon Francis
I guarantee that Waylon has never done Karaoke before. I think for his entire performance he’d be gingerly walking around the stage and not looking around the crowd. For whatever reason, I have him pegged as a huge fan of Sting. He would probably try to do a cool dance and almost stumble, but get caught by his left foot. Much like on the pitch, his left foot will save him.

Signature Song: Roxanne by The Police

4. Jukka Raitala
I know for a fact that Karaoke is at least something that exists in Finland, but I’m betting that Jukka never got quite into it. I can see him more as the type of person watching from the bar, giggling at errors and singing along occasionally. He’d put a little bit of energy into his performance, but ultimately he definitely thinks that Karaoke is kinda dumb and have a hard time getting into it.

Signature Song: Get Lucky by Daft Punk & Pharrell

3. Adam Jahn
Adam would do a depressing old country song to a room of energetic drunk people and bring the mood down. He definitely has owned at least one Johnny Cash poster in his life, and would probably have to duck whilst on stage.

Signature Song: Whiskey River by Willie Nelson

2. Hector Jimenez
Hector is a jack of all trades. I’d be confident putting Hector up front in the Crew SC’s attack, but I’d be less confident putting Hector up front of a band. I imagine he’d stand at the microphone stand and stare at the screen the whole time, without making a single obscene gesture at his friends in the crowd.

Signature Song: Never Let You Go by Third Eye Blind

1. Ben Swanson
God help me, I can’t see Ben Swanson being anything but incredibly nervous if he were to go on stage for Karaoke. He’s probably got a decent voice, but he’d be too nervous to try and hit the high notes that we all know he could hit. Would choose a throwback song to before he was born.

Signature Song: The Power of Love by Huey Lewis & The News

Do you agree? Disagree? Who would be in your list? Share on the article's link @CrewtureFanzine

Got a different article? A take on the game? Or any article idea. Send it in by clicking on below image and as long as it is a solid effort we'll post it.

Naess plays his first full 90 for SC Heerenveen ✜ Montreal gets hyped ✜ Stern John

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk for 9/22: Three Crew SC-related social media topics of interest for today.

Naess plays his first full 90 for SC Heerenveen 

In Eredivisie action, Nicolai Naess was substituted on for 9 minutes in his debut. 

A 2-0 win over PSV Eindhoven. 

He followed that up with another sub appearance (just four minutes) in a 2-1 league win as well over SBV Excelsior.

Then the Super Frisians played SBV Excelsior again in the first round of the KNVB Cup on Wednesday. 

That was Naess's full 90 minute introduction.

SC Heerenveen played a good squad. The back line was the usual starters except for Naess. 

Further, up top Heerenveen's top attackers Thorsby, Odegaard, and Zeneli played.

Naess was one of the only Heerenveen backs not to cause a penalty kick for their opponents. 

Which may help his stock against other starters.

If there is Europa or Champions League action for Naess eventually, that would be interesting.

If SC Heerenveen continues their hot start. Could happen.

Heerenveen is usually a mid-table Eredivisie side, yet has gained 10 out of their last 12 points and sit in fourth.

Heerenveen only sits behind Feyenoord, PSV, and AZ in the Dutch table.

Montreal gets hyped 

"We had nothing to lose. We played our game, we proposed football and it was seen at the beginning of the game," said Laurent Ciman about the win over Toronto FC.

Impact went up 3-nil on Toronto FC 24 minutes into the game on Wednesday. 

Then were up 5-1 before TFC got two consolation goals.

Marco Donadel stressed that they wanted to prove to themselves that it was not over.

"We did not want to relive an evening like last Saturday."
Mauro Biello hopes that such a victory will allow his team to relaunch for the last five games of the season.
"If you can beat the best defense in the league, you have to go get the other teams."
"It's huge after the last few weeks that have been tough. The guys bounced on playing intensely and confidently. "
In his pre-match speech, Biello told his players to let go and focus on their big rival.
"I told them we had to forget the ranking and the other distractions. It was a game against Toronto and it was important to get that victory."

Crew SC has to take care of business against NYRB Saturday and would likely be okay with Atlanta United getting all three at home vs. Le Impact.

That would make the hill a bit hard to climb.

40 year old Stern John comes out of retirement  

For at least a game.
The Manager of Central FC of the Trinidad and Tobago Pro League saw his struggling side down 2-0 over W Connection.

Therefore, with 10 minutes remaining he decided to sub himself in to boost things.

John is registered as a player/coach. But, didn't register a touch in the final 10 minutes after replacing Shem Clauzel, who is 22 years younger.

Stern John has the record for goals per 90 in MLS at .89. 44 goals in 55 appearances.

Ola Kamara last season is about as close as it gets with .77 goals per 90 last year. 

John followed up his Columbus Crew run with 88 goals in England.

So, when fans were disgruntled with Berhalter earlier in the season.. 

Instead of GBS, GBS, GBS. Why not Trinidad and Tobago assistant coach Stern John?

More than likely a good amount cheaper than Schelotto. 

Just as good of an MLS and international playing resume, if not better?

If Josh Wolff goes to Colorado, why not give John a call and make him a Crew SC assistant?

By Ryan Kozlowski, Twitter: @CrewtureFanzine

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Crew SC performance must improve in US Open Cup ✜ Montreal result ✜ Josh Wolff, Colorado

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk for 9/21: Three Crew SC-related social media topics of interest for today.

Crew SC performance must improve in the US Open Cup

Sporting KC won their third Lamar Hunt US Open Cup in six years.

A morale building result before the MLS playoff run, a good feeling in front of a nice crowd at home.

Winning leads to $250,000 in prize money. Which isn't huge but winning any sort of money is never a bad thing.

More importantly winning gains you a CONCACAF Champions League place.

Crew SC hasn't been involved in the Concacaf Champions League in 7 years. Last being involved in the 2009-2010 Concacaf Champions League and the 2010-2011 Concacaf Champions League.

Further and most importantly it's named after this guy.

Image result for Lamar Hunt

Without him there's no Crew, Mapfre Stadium and as a result perhaps no Major League Soccer.

So, there should be penalties for being one and done in the tournament yearly. 

And succumbing against a lower division team in your backyard that eventually could take away some of your fan base.

One way to make up for losing at home to Minnesota

If your the Montreal Impact...

Is to be up 3-0, twenty-four minutes into the next game on the road over likely Supporters Shield winners Toronto FC.


On Saturday, against winless in six games New York Red Bull the Crew must win. 

If Crew SC gets any result other than a win at home the trouble will be real.

A win puts distance between us and NYRB, along with Montreal.

"Future is bright" for Rapids, could include Wolff

“I think if you’re a Rapids fan right now, it’s an exciting time,” said their Director of Communications Ryan Madden. “The future is bright.”

That future could include Josh Wolff. 

The Columbus Crew assistant is one of four known candidates for the Colorado Rapids job. Link.

The other three are former Venezuelan Head Coach Cesar Farias, Stanford's Head Coach Jeremy Gunn, and former Blackburn and Legia Warsaw Head Coach Henning Berg.
It appears that it's just a matter of time for Josh Wolff.

Crew SC will find out on November 1st whether that time is now. 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Meram doesn't agree ✜ Could Manneh have helped his US stock? ✜ Meram for FIFA18. Vote ✜

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk for 9/20: Three Crew SC-related social media topics of interest for today.

Meram doesn't agree

“I mean, look, my body’s good. I’ve flown back from Japan on a Friday and played on a Saturday. So this, for me, was coach’s decision. I feel fresh,” Meram said Tuesday. “I think I’m playing probably the best I have in my career and it wasn’t being tired or whatnot. (Coach Gregg Berhalter) makes the decisions and there’s nothing else I can do about it. I don’t agree, but this is football.
“I think sometimes it’s mental with your body. If you say you’re tired and fatigued, you’re gonna be that way.”

Image result for justin meram 2017
Link to Andrew Erickson's Columbus Dispatch article.

“I’m all about the team, look, and I’ll be the first to say I thought Kekuta was outstanding in the match. He was electric, powerful,” Meram said. “So for me I look at my teammate and I was very happy for him. That was a good moment for me to be happy for somebody else who’s a great guy in the locker room and off the field.”

Meram discussing his career in general:

“Everyone has struggling moments, but I was never given a damn thing, to be honest. I was lucky, but I was prepared for when that luck came and you believe in yourself and you believe in your quality,” Meram said. “What has really been given to me? Not much, if anything, and so you want to bring in more guys (at winger)? That’s fine. My quality will speak for itself and the day that it doesn’t is the day that players move on. But I feel strong, confident and playing some of my best throughout the year.”

I honestly like how much Meram cares in general. 

I think Manneh started because Berhalter concluded if he could get a rise out of Kekuta that was the game. Against his previous team in his favorite atmosphere.

He was right. Which is good for Manneh's confidence when we do need him, as a sub or otherwise at the end of the season. 

Could Manneh have helped his US stock?

The US National Team has looked bad as of late. If Manneh has anymore of the Vancouver game in him. Why not?


Meram for FIFA18. Vote.
You can vote here and here as well.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Crew SC 2 minutes and 19 seconds from a huge result

Crew SC were 2 minutes and 19 seconds from a huge road win on the other side of the North American continent.

Then two Crew SC players failed to pick up the biggest target in the box.

A familiar face in Tony Tchani. 

Turning three points into one.

Highlights are below

Giving up late goals was a penchant for last season. Therefore, an unwelcome familiar feeling.

The end result was also a bummer for the game that Kekuta Manneh had.

With one of the best individual efforts to assist on Ola's goal. 

Then a sprint from midfield and a strike into the back of Vancouver's net for his own.

Columbus instead of three points, got one on the road.

Luckily, Montreal gained zero points at home to Minnesota.
New England as well gained zero on the road.
Atlanta and Orlando City tied as well for one point.
While NYRB and Philadelphia Union did the same.

Therefore the result isn't bad. But, was 2 minutes and 19 seconds away from being a huge one considering those results.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Manneh talks about plans for next year ✜ Manneh additionally on a Vancouver podcast ✜ Manneh one of FIFA's fastest players

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk for 9/14: Three Crew SC-related social media topics of interest for today.

Manneh talks about plans for next year

To a Canadian soccer magazine:

It's every football players dream to one day play in Europe. Manneh isn't committing to anything yet.

"No, for right now, I'm leaving it alone," Manneh said. "I have a pretty good idea in my head what I want, but it's not necessarily what's going to happen. Sometimes things don't really work out the way you want them to. There's a lot of people involved in this decision-making. I do have a pretty good idea of what I want. I have to talk to my agent, family, it can change things. I definitely do want to go to Europe. That's the goal, it's always been my goal to have an opportunity to play in that environment, and see what it's all about." Link.

If you want to leave it alone, end the conversation at "I'm leaving it alone." πŸ˜… 

But, can't really blame Manneh if he goes that way as soon as possible. 

Because he's played minimally for Columbus as his preferred position is also Justin Meram's.

Which is confusing on what the thinking was there?

In addition, have to wonder how successful Columbus will be the rest of the year when other key players have even said they may no longer remain in Columbus but are keen to remain in Major League Soccer. Link.

Give Manneh some credit at least for saying some nice things on Columbus... Well, Columbus's system. 

Holds Vancouver fans in a bit of a higher regard though.

"It will be special for one thing only, playing in front of that crowd," Manneh said with a smile. "If I have the opportunity, it would be amazing. I'll be okay with having a couple of minutes on the field, just to play in front of that crowd again, soaking up that atmosphere, energy of the stadium. It's the best place I've ever played in, and the fans are always amazing, week in, and week out."

As the article mentions...

The future for Kekuta Manneh going forward is as uncertain as his spot in the Crew SC lineup. Manneh is out of contract following the 2017 MLS season, and free to leave. That's the main reason why Vancouver sought out a trade partner for him.

So, Vancouver got Tchani and we perhaps got a guy that was always leaving MLS.

Manneh on Vancouver podcast

His part starts 34 minutes in:

FIFA's fastest players

All Manneh today

I wish there was a way we could use him game in and game out. But, think Berhalter has this thing yearly where he's either getting as many DM's as possible, or CB's this year, or LM's. 

Made it possible to part with Naess.

Sometimes we have too many good players in one position and none in a other.