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Friday, December 30, 2016

12/30/16: 26 Year Old Jonathan Mensah 2nd DP, Why You Should Like It.

Who knew the answer would be supplied by...

Some Crew fans stated "who knows if it's as a DP?"

"Could just be good reaching out by Harrison Afful." Could be unconnected to Precourt's announcement, could still be Lando or something else?

Well Mensah is the DP, link here.
And even still is good work; as well as the most needed.

Remember Hernan Grana, Emil Larsen, Amro Tarek.. Is a plus to have a Ghana teammate, veteran in Harrison Afful to ease the transition so he doesn't leave mid-season from homesickness or what have you.

Speaking of memories.. Remember some of last year when our backline was Afful, Wahl, Parkhurst, Jimenez/Ashe...

Well, this year it's Afful---Mensah---Naess---Raitala
With backups of Williams, Francis, Crognale

That's now 137 international caps on the starting backline perhaps.

BACKLINE WAS THE BIG PROBLEM. Ola Kamara was scoring eventually quite often, but we were leaking just as much.. A bit too soon but the Crew were a Bob Bradley-like Swansea of MLS.

Our midfield has talent.
Were good now at striker. 16 goals in 20 starts, interest from EPL teams for loans, were okay.
We needed to address the backline or nothing changes.

I would say Gregg Berhalter and Columbus is giving their best attempt.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

12/29/16: Lucas Gamba, Keisuke Honda, Etc.

Image result for keisuke honda
Lucas Gamba story has been picked up in a few places, link here.

Personally if Crew are in race, I'm hoping as like a backup to Ola, or a winger/midfielder, and not really as the DP.

Looks useful above. But, perhaps agent posturing.

**AC Milan player Keisuke Honda hasn't been happy with his time at AC Milan. The Japanese attacking midfielder checks off some marks.

Has no interest in Chinese offers preferring MLS, Link here. However, looks like that fight is between the Seattle Sounders and LA Galaxy and Sunderland.

Last month it was Tottenham Hotspur.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

12/28/16: Lucas Gamba Makes Circuit Again

Lucas Gamba was mentioned as perhaps a Crew target this Summer, link here. Did not occur.

The diminutive Gamba is being mentioned again.

Anthony Precourt mentioned he expected a DP signing perhaps in the upcoming week.

Gamba looks good in below video, but isn't designated player level one would think.. Schelotto wasn't even when he first came here.

12/28/16: Columbus Crew After DP Number 2, Omar Gonzalez Tops Early Speculation

Let the crazy season begin...

And how people will be not too happy with Precourt if this fizzles out like a few things Crew. I naturally assume it's definitely a bit concrete otherwise why would Precourt mention.

Crew fans are looking for another CB (not ready to rely on Williams and Crognale alone as CB Number 2). Or maybe a #10 or wide midfielder from what I've read.

A few think it could perhaps be Omar Gonzalez.

Gonzalez met with Gregg Berhalter before USA vs. Mexico. The article hinted it was a discussion about returning to MLS, link here.

Although the meeting may or may not of had anything to do with that at all.

Lets hear from the writer..

But the two were teammates for three years. So, a little locker room hush-hush I assume Crew fans would be okay with.

I would actually be a huge fan of that as well. Or any solid CB.

Afful---Naess---Gonzalez/Geoff Cameron/Some Other Stud---Raitala

I think 3G might've learned his lesson last year. No Sauro. Don't want to deal with a ? there.

With our midfield,
Ola up top with his 16 goals in 20 starts last year,
The main thing that needs to be resolved minus Afful is the backline.

Sure, perhaps another keeper. But, as a DP? That would kill all DP excitement and would be so Crew unless like a Brad Guzan, Tim Howard type.

But, don't even get signing Tim Howard or any old keeper. Personally fine with Zack Steffen given a chance.

Otherwise why get? Not sure how he could be any sort of drop off?

Already know he's going to be a plus athletically, as well as better with ball movement skills out of the back.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

12/27/16: Cedrick To Murcia Looks Definite, Confirmed; New Wisla Krakow Vice President was Crew Employee, Scout

Crew scout now Wisla Krakow's vice president.

**Two more articles in Spain have picked up the story today of Cedrick's deal to UCAM Murcia. La Opinion De Murcia has a decent write up today, link here.

And Tu Perodico Deportivo also wrote this morning. Until today, Cadena Sur was the only one with build up articles of interest on Dec. 20th and 21st and confirmation of the deal yesterday.

But, can be confirmed now I believe. La Opinion De Murcia is a big local website.

**Apparently a Spaniard Manuel Junco, who was employed by the Columbus Crew for the past three seasons, is now the Vice President of Wisla Krakow. Link here.

Several articles like this show up in October, but haven't seen anywhere and appears interesting.

Was in charge of Crew scouting apparently in Europe:

Monday, December 26, 2016

12/26/16: Cedrick Back To Spain, Signed with UCAM Murcia CF

Without his contract option picked up and unprotected by the Columbus Crew in the expansion draft, will come as no surprise that Cedrick was not in Columbus's 2017 plans.

Cedrick moves on officially today, as he was signed by newly promoted UCAM Murcia CF. Who play in Spain's 2nd division in 2017. Link to story here.

Cedrick will try to help them out of the relegation spots that Murcia currently finds itself in. Currently four points out of staying in La Liga 2.

Good luck to Mabwati who came into favor over 2015, but cooled off with Berhalter as 2016 progressed.

Friday, December 23, 2016

12/23/16: Columbus Signs Raitala, Williams


Jukka Raitala is only 28. Has a decent array of national appearances for his country, 36 for Finland.

Has played in La Liga with Osasuna, Dutch Eredivisie with SC Heerenveen, Bundesliga 2 for Paderborn.

He hasn't found much of a home since grabbing attention around Europe in 2009. Hoffenheim won the battle for his signature then against Ajax Amsterdam, PSV Eindhoven, Bayer Leverkusen, AZ Alkmaar, and Bordeaux.

10 years later, 9 clubs later he's here in Columbus.

More clubs in half a career than most in all of one...

Yet, we may find a use for someone that has a highlight reel at the Camp Nou.

Hopefully at least in comparison to Cedrick Mabwati. Who had a La Liga highlight or two himself.

Jukka plays left back mainly, but has played on the right and centrally too to a much lesser degree. Yet if capable, good because gives Columbus options; as only one defensive position, right back, is rather secured.

Even though mainly a left back. Don't think this should mean bye for Waylon Francis. I hope. And whichever way Gregg Berhalter can spin that he needs to.

Jimenez, Wahl, and Ashe got several starts in 2016. Far more than probably anyone was hoping.

So, it would be a benefit for Columbus to be much deeper on the wings and in the middle this season.

Francis would definitely help that. Unless faith is completely gone.


Everyone knows Josh Williams, he doesn't need a very in depth introduction.

From Akron, was a player for the Cleveland Internationals in USL Pro before he gained the attention of the Crew. He's back to Ohio and Columbus.

Like a white soccer player version of LeBron James.

Columbus is the only place in MLS he has seen himself as a full time starter, for two seasons.

Oddly for a center back I think he moves pretty well. Could fit into a Berhalter system decently well. More of that player to me perhaps than Parkhurst.

Currently looking like..


How things go from nothing to something in a week. I'm at least liking 30, 23, 28, 28 there.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

12/21/16: Our Inner-Sauro

Well, if you haven't heard Gaston Sauro will be out for all of 2017 with multiple surgeries to repair various knee injuries. Link here.

Rough for him and for us; because a guy that I and several Crew fans deeply like.

“It’s going to be a number of surgeries he’s going to get and he’s going to be out for the year,” Berhalter told the Dispatch on Monday. “That’s our reality. It’s a tough reality, but that’s the way it is.”


Before Columbus sold Michael Parkhurst to Atlanta United did they know anything about this? And if they didn't, how?

I'm sure they did. So the Crew have to have a plan, another avenue there already deep in exploration with, for the 2017 season, at center back.

That wasn't a joke. Hopefully

Without Gaston Sauro, the Columbus Crew currently is looking to rely on Nicolai Naess and rookie Alex Crognale.

Could they perhaps re-sign Tyson Wahl out of retirement? :-)

Anyways... With one starter out, did the Crew jump the gun a bit on letting Michael Parkhurst get Housewives of Atlanta on us?

Probably. So what is in his head?
I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you're looking for ransom, I can tell you I don't have money but what I do have are a very particular set of skills.

And his?
Image result for anthony precourt
Gregg, remember: The fieldmouse is fast, but the owl sees at night.

“He has a guaranteed contract we are obligated to fulfill,” Berhalter said. “That’s life. ... We have to work on how we can structure or restructure his contract.”

Sauro made $601,312.50 in guaranteed compensation in 2016. So with that Kei Kamara money, probably $600,000 and Sauro=$600,000. Were all set.

All set!

Monday, December 19, 2016

12/19/16: MLS Offseason in December.. How Does One Describe?

Nothing happened. Thanks for notice MLS.

 Ah. Something.

But, not very exciting either.

Other than one of the best names ever, Femi Hollinger-Janzen.

Ah cool MLS....

That was usefully pointless.

Here we go!
Image result for Patrick McLainImage result for Dylan RemickImage result for bryan meredith

-The Chicago Fire lost GK Patrick McLain when he was picked by Orlando City in Stage 1 of the Re-Entry Draft on Dec. 16.

Uh. The vaunted Patrick McLain.

-The Houston Dynamo selected D Dylan Remick in Stage 1 of the Re-Entry Draft on Dec. 16 from the champion Sounders.

Patrick McLain and Dylan Remick. Stop with the fascination MLS.

-The Earthquakes lost GK Bryan Meredith when he was picked by the Seattle Sounders in Stage 1 of the Re-Entry Draft on Dec. 16.

And Bryan Meredith as the Sounders wheel and deal.

Here's something to set the mind tingling. Two free agents have been re-signed by their old teams today.

Two that Crew fans had a fleeting interest in.

-On Dec. 19 the Impact announced that F Dom Oduro has signed a new deal that will keep the fleet-footed Ghanaian, one of Montreal's stars of the 2016 postseason, at the club for another two years.

Crew fans were open with perhaps bringing Oduro or Lenhart back; as former Crew players that were popular.

-On Dec. 19 D.C. United announced that free agent D Sean Franklin has re-signed with the Black-and-Red on a "multi-year" deal.

I was interested in Franklin as the 2nd or 3rd back; as either the other starter with Afful over Waylon Francis or a backup to Francis.

Then things get even hotter with rookies who won't make much of a difference for anyone during the 2017 season.

Friday, December 16, 2016

12/16/16: Ola Kamara Premier League Bound?

No worries. Just in a offseason loan perhaps. Link here

As purportedly one Premier League side and two Championship sides are now interested in Ola's services in an offseason loan.

A story that just won't go away. I wouldn't be surprised if one is still Aston Villa.

But, could see Hull City, Swansea-like teams having a use for Ola Kamara.

And wouldn't mind seeing Kamara for a couple months on Saturday mornings. Which could drive up his price, as well as general interest in coming to a Crew game this year to see a Premier League player.

So, sure if Columbus wants to send him to a Premier League side for a couple of months prior to the MLS Season. Why not? Think that makes business sense.

Just would like him back on day one. Even with silky smooth Adam Jahn.

If it had to be a loan until the end of the Premier League season. Columbus needs to get another striker to replace Conor Casey :-), Mike Magee or similar.

12/16/16: Columbus Interested In Junior Flores. But, So Is Brendan Rodgers

Steven Goff reported a few days back that Berhalter has an interest in the attacking midfielder Junior Flores.

Apparently so does Brendan Rodgers again at Celtic. Link here.

Good to know (I guess) that someone else decent has an interest in him. He just needs to play every day somewhere. Now.

Especially when considering his only decent highlight on YouTube is from five years back.

Could likely play every day now in Columbus and perhaps Celtic.

If he goes the Columbus route it will have to be through the allocation order in January. As the Crew will jump from 17th in that to 5th.

But, is it worth it?

Sure. Why not.

Considering Columbus will unlikely use it's allocation on much else. Would be ok with another US talent, on top of Steffen. Who gained interest from Dortmund and now Celtic.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

12/15/16: Columbus Crew Have To Spend Some Money in 2017. Right?

#5 will at least happen. Right?

This post on Fox Sports by Ryan Rosenblatt has circuitously ended up on the Crew Bigsoccer forum and the Nordecke Facebook forum. So mise well put my two cents in on if I agree with..

The 5 Things the Columbus Crew Need To Do This Offseason

1. Find An Alternative to Federico Higuaín

If I were to bet on who would be gone first this offseason out of Federico Higuaín, Michael Parkhurst, or Steve Clark. My bet would've been Federico Higuaín.

Not saying I'm not happy that we moved on with two of the three.

With it only being December, I wouldn't have likely betted that two out of those three would already be gone.

And because of that I would give the offseason a B so far. Just because of that.

But, hoping to awake in that alternate reality where I see this headline for Columbus Crew.

But, seriously though, how do the Fire have that kind of money? Even they now have far less attendance than us.

Toyota Park on television looks like twenty polaks (I can say I'm Polish), a couple raccoons foraging by the garbage bins, a dustweed, 10 fans in whatever their fan section is called (forget).

Have fun with that. Maybe they can make Schweinsteiger player and coach.

As can you imagine taking orders from Jose Mourinho to Veljko Paunovic? So why not sweeten the deal even more Chicago? Can't get worse. What would you lose? Schweinsteiger new Fire manager, you heard it here first.

Since Columbus is likely to go the cheapest route possible.... Always in it's history.

I could live with just trying anything new. Trading Federico and just signing a free agent to throw into his spot for cheaper. Like Mike Magee or Will Johnson.

I don't think it could be any worse or slower.

But, Berhalter protected Higuaín. He's like the boyfriend that just can't let go. Couldn't even let go of Clark fully.

Clark option was declined, made a goodbye statement. Berhalter said, "we just didn't like the option numbers, too expensive, door isn't shut."

Just turn a page.

What I Hope? Sign someone known, with legs in that position. Not another Nicolai Naess that no one has heard of, though I think is good, not a Bastian Schweinsteiger. Just someone that turns a head, gives us some hope. Use that Kei Kamara money here that you always talk about.

2. Rebuild the defense

Correct the defense was bad. But, saying Parkhurst was the team's best defender, is to get a rise out of Crew fans right?

The Crew need solid depth. Not Tyson Wahl, Hector Jimenez, and even Corey Ashe as your backups.

I think Afful (the best defender) and Francis are truly good. But, may get injured, have funks.

So out of the free agents. Wouldn't mind signing Sean Franklin, even Kevin Alston as that 2nd or 3rd defensive wingback. You'll need them if you noticed how much Ashe and Jimenez played last year.

And wouldn't mind someone good. Ashe wasn't bad. Even bringing him back. Would make more sense over bringing back Clark or protecting Jimenez.

I think the defense is in a better position already.

With backups like:
And possibly in my unlikely head
Maybe another CB.. And it starts looking relatively much better

3. Spend some money

Spend that Kei Kamara money, if it exists any longer. Which will get even bigger if #1 on this list happens.

I don't expect or think the Columbus Crew needs to get crazy like the Chicago Fire did above. Just get someone exciting somewhere in that offense to rep the fans. Because even if were not sold out every game. There are people that care extremely. Promise you. 

And they deserve it after watching this team last year. Let's spend the money a little on someone we can get behind.

Someone interesting. Not talking about a huge name. But, someone who perhaps played somewhere interesting would be nice.

4. Show some patience

Oh we don't have to do it. Just Berhalter and Precourt. Ok, I'm okay with that. :-)

5. Ditch The Horrible Secondary Kit

And whoever came up with it (or promote them for somehow selling you on it). I'm going with the latter.

And maybe ditch late night scotch's. The light blue shorts, good god.

If I could only sell ideas as well.

12/15/16: Free Agency Acquisitions

The full list of available free agents is here

MLS teams usually ignore out of contract, free agents a bit. Guess there is a reason they're out of contract. But, Columbus could gain some bigger names for the least money. Which if you know anything about Columbus is always a viable option.

And all that I may have an interest in are bolded.

Alston, Kevin Orlando Option

28. Not a bad player in MLS. Might be a serviceable backup, the right kind, at wingback. Also, if Berhalter has some questions yet on Waylon Francis, would be a step up from Ashe and Jimenez perhaps as backup on the wing. Solid depth on the wings.

Ashe, Corey Columbus Option


Ballouchy, Mehdi NYCFC Out of Contract

No. 33, has barely played much as of late.

Barnes, Darrius New England Out of Contract


Barrett, Chad San Jose Option


2 goals in 20 for San Jose. Adam Jahn is enough San Jose talent. Sure would make more sense compared to Conor Casey. So who knows?

Haha, good lord.

Beasley, DaMarcus Houston Out of Contract

127 games with the United States. But, 34. Ok with using him as an option, more depth at defensive wingback. Also, could have an interest in a Beasley Crew jersey.

But, not worth the price tag for depth.

Borchers, Nat Portland Out of Contract


Casey, Conor Columbus Option

Are you kidding.

Franklin, Sean D.C. United Out of Contract

Sean Franklin. Same deal as Alston. I think the Crew need other options at wingback as a number 3. Number 2 if there are still questions about Francis.

That option needs to be a lot better than Ashe, Jimenez this year. Both had a lot of time on the field last season, questionably a bit too much.

If some could play midfield on the wing as well, even better.

Gomez, Herculez Seattle Out of Contract

If you were looking for someone serviceable as a 60th minute sub at striker. I would go with Gomez out of this list. Like him quite a bit as a person and player.

Yet his price tag and his 0 goals in 21 games for Seattle last season. Meh.

Goodson, Clarence San Jose Option


Gordon, Alan LA Galaxy Out of Contract

Same deal as Gomez. Likely not worth the money to slap Ola, Jahn on the back as they score the goals.

Grabavoy, Ned Portland Option
He's still in MLS?

Last time he played for us was enough.

Hernandez, Jason NYCFC Option


Horst, David Houston Out of Contract

Who? No.

Jewsbury, Jack Portland Out of Contract


Johnson, Will Toronto FC Out of Contract

29. Still has stuff left in tank. Good player in my belief.

Since he has been let go twice in two years. A question and perhaps cheaper because of that this offseason.

Would be okay at least with giving him or Magee on this list a try as creative options in central midfield, compared to sticking where were at. Especially if were not spending money.

At least bring in another option in Higuaín's position in Johnson or Magee. Think either could/may be a stronger player.

Kronberg, Eric Montreal Out of Contract

Uh no.

LaBrocca, Nick Chicago Option

Haha no.

Larentowicz, Jeff LA Galaxy Out of Contract

Even though we could use a ginger. No.

Plus was signed by Atlanta United today. See busy.

Le Toux, Sebastian Colorado Out of Contract

Uh no.

Lenhart, Steven San Jose Option

Bash bro.

Always liked. Would love to have back as some deep depth. Think he would like it.

Just as certifiable as a number two at striker. 

Yeah Columbus and Berhalter want to talk up Jahn. Think he deserves being re-signed. But, would be okay with seeing Lenhart again as well.

But, just as much don't care.

Magee, Mike LA Galaxy Out of Contract

Good player. Someone will get him. Like I said would put him or a few others in Higuaín's position as a non-DP.

Mapp, Justin Sporting KC Option

Always thought he was a good, tricky player. Impressed with him a bit in Chicago days. Hasn't played much in recent years. But, cheap midfield depth? Could think of far worse.

Morales, Javier Real Salt Lake Option

Good RSL career. 36, time to wrap it up.

Myers, Chance Sporting KC Out of Contract

David Horst, Chance Myers have a quite a bit of appearances. But, lol first time hearing of them.

Because Crew usually like to sign the most unexciting of players. Watch out.

Nagamura, Paulo Sporting KC Out of Contract


Oduro, Dominic Montreal Out of Contract

Crew fans have mentioned him and Lenhart. For me no.

Olave, Jamison Real Salt Lake Option


Pappa, Marco Colorado Option

Kind of a player I wouldn't mind the Crew taking a shot on in central midfield. In the same depth as Will Johnson and perhaps Magee.

Would be okay with picking one of those, saving a ton of money, think we would be better and would help us completely turn a roster page. Which after last year is needed a bit substantially.

If, as is likely, they don't buy anyone substantial.

Peterson, Jacob Sporting KC Out of Contract


Reynish, Kyle NY Red Bulls Out of Contract

Pretty good at being an MLS career backup. Though it wouldn't shock me if one of these guys get picked up by Columbus as not enough belief in Steffen, Stuver.

Scott, Zach Seattle Option

His wiki pic is filled with joy and made me laugh. But, no.

Zach Scott (cropped).jpg

Sturgis, Nathan Seattle Option


Wahl, Tyson Columbus Option

Retired. But, even if $18,000 dollar contract. Would have a hard time. Good luck to him.

Wingert, Chris Real Salt Lake Out of Contract

Didn't he hate Columbus when he played here? That would be funny.

Wynne, Marvell San Jose Out of Contract

No. But, would be interesting.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

12/14/16: Thoughts on Crew Offseason.. A Month In.

12/14/16: Thoughts on Crew Offseason.. A Month In.

Well, more like a month and a half.. Needed a Crewless thought paradise.. A good break. After that disenchanting, unremarkable, soul embarking season.

But, let's see what's going on. If we dare.

1. Backline: Michael Parkhurst Gone, Alex Crognale In

Almost like gaining an entirely new person in height.

Alex Crognale is 6'5. Michael Parkhurst is what 5'8? 5'11. Ok, if you say so Mr. Wiki.

It's no secret that the majority of Crew fans weren't enraptured by Parkhurst. I figure it's a win-win for Columbus, well at least their fans, and for Parkhurst.

And maybe a win-win-win.

For Parkhurst: Interesting new experience, team.
For Atlanta: Experienced, decently solid CB. Veteran.

Atlanta could shape into a first expansion side to be playoff good in their first year in MLS. They've been busy.

In addition...

Got a savory feeling that Crognale, in the next five years, will have the biggest impact as a Crew HG. Not Ben Speas (well anywhere in soccer, I know you're shocked), or Ben Swanson, or Wil Trapp.

Bigger impact than MLS All-Star Wil Trapp? Well, if you can be decent on the ball, make good decisions, and you're 6'5. Chances are you'll be okay. Look at Matt Miazga.

Sidenote: Perhaps now we could have a captain that speaks on the field? A personality. That someone might be afraid to let down... No disrespect. Parkhurst was good at times. Just not a Captain.

2. Backline: Corey Ashe's Option Not Picked Up As Well

Some people have made the point on message boards, quite accurately, how the hell are we leaving Waylon Francis and Gaston Sauro unprotected, but protecting Higuaín in the expansion draft?

As well as protecting Hector Jimenez and Adam Jahn.. Which is just for laughs right?

Well, in my opinion, luckily for Columbus Francis didn't get picked in the expansion draft, Mo Saeid did.

On top of that, Waylon Francis must have good sorcery this offseason as Corey Ashe's option wasn't picked up either.

I don't think Corey Ashe was bad, but not better than Francis at all. So, I'm relatively okay with his option not being renewed; as I would like to see Waylon Francis's career in Columbus.

Guy is only 26.

Yet, last year was one to forget and not really his fault.

Berhalter got into this thing (I guess?) where he wanted to prove his astoundingly acute purchase of Ashe last offseason. So had to sit Francis quite a ton more to prove it to himself. :-)

Or more likely the issues were all at center back and got redirected to Francis's position somehow.

The middle was so weak, so Berhalter conjectured he needed someone to stay back more on a wing, while Afful ran amuck.

Hopefully, Sauro, Naess, Crognale as a sub will do better in the middle, so Francis can run down the wings, get his assists again.

He started 28 games in 2015, had 7 assists. Columbus goes to MLS Cup. He starts 13 in 2016 and well.

3. Not so fast for Steve Clark though? And thus maybe Ashe.

On November 23rd this sounds like goodbye from Steve Clark:

"I would say that I’m definitely happy with my three years in Columbus. There was a lot of success, some ups, some downs. But in the end, Gregg and I sat down and for the betterment, I feel, of myself, it was time for me to make the change. We’ve made such a great home there. But this is a business and for me, and also I think the Crew, too, it’s a good time and a good year to separate.”

It's unlikely anyone is going to be too enraptured in chasing this, in MLS.

Winner of Not Top 10's

Think he's a great guy. Had some great saves and great games. But, there is no way he is downplaying that MLS Cup in this league so has to find another.

I figure next challenge is Iceland or Albania?

If he's lucky back to Sweden? Norway? If he's really lucky somehow wiggles his way back into Columbus? :-)

Berhalter on November 30th:

“Steve’s option number was higher than we were comfortable with, so we simply declined the option. It doesn’t mean the door is officially shut on him coming back to Columbus. That needs to be clear.”

Gregg Berhalter is like the girlfriend/boyfriend that can't say goodbye. Parkhurst would still be on the table, if he wasn't signed by Atlanta.

Signing Corey Ashe after declining his option now would make more sense, compared to protecting Hector Jimenez for that position. Wth? The door being opened to Ashe again would make more sense than Clark.

Crew will make out no worse with Zach Steffen. Even perhaps Stuver. Honestly. But, wish Clark the best. Truly.

In the next few days, I'll delve into Higuaín and some others.

Tomorrow. Who I would take a look at in free agency.

12/14/16: Donations

La Turbina Amarilla had a member pass away this weekend. Yaret Martinez.

Personally know how helpful this can be.

A year ago, was in a bad car accident and in a hospital for over a month. Who helped.. Best pals, people I've known forever, extended family? Sure some.

Yet, mostly..

Close family, especially my mother.
People from work.
And Crew SC fans.

They had no extensive reason.

And, frankly because of that.. In the month that I was in the hospital, my most legit smile was when I could finally understand that I got a donation from Crew fans.

Meant a lot. A ton.

Saw this on the Nordecke thread. Help his family, donate a few bucks if you have them.