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Thursday, June 30, 2016

6/30/16: Blaszczykowski Should Be Who Crew Go After

If you want a man from one of this Summer's major tournaments.

It shouldn't be Jaime Ayovi, it should be Jakub Blaszczykowski.


Right age. At 30 he is still young enough to compete day in and day out.

But, also the right age to still be perhaps affordable for Major League Soccer.

Blaszczykowski is too old to start at the top class level in Europe anymore, possibly.

Alas, he doesn't play for Borussia Dortmund anymore. Was loaned to Fiorentina this past season and can't find a sniff of the field.

Fiorentina isn't a key team in Europe. 5th place in Serie A.

At 30, he's the right age to look at the next step in his career.

Perhaps, Major League Soccer.

And another good thing he can still play.

And then some.

He, not Robert Lewandowski, has been the catalyst to Poland's biggest run since the glory days of 1982.

He, once again not Lewandowski, has been the catalyst to a win and goal over Ukraine and then Switzerland.

I would of course take Lewandowski, but I mention Blaszczykowski because for the right price perhaps the Crew could bring him to America.

Maybe $5 million.

Trust me would be worth it, investment and otherwise.

If he scores again today forget about it. He'll go to an EPL team, get his spotlight.

But, consider the glory ends for Poland today against Portugal.
People may forget and he may be somewhat affordable.

For $5 million he would be worth it.

For one I would renew my season tickets again. For two, he has the moral characteristic to be a game changer in the locker room that can transform what has been a dismal season and situation. If I was Gregg Berhalter I would highlight it because if his run continues he might be out of a job in 2017.

So, instead of going after Ayovi... Someone who might not be as big of a locker room presence and doesn't fulfill a need. Ala, we have a goalscorer on 5 goals in the last 8 games. Play someone underneath Ola Kamara, who can score. And change the locker room.

That's the type of player Columbus should go after if they go after any signing.

Instead of another POSSIBLE goalscorer or POSSIBLY another player that can go into midfield. Sign the player that can POSSIBLY change it all. Sign someone like Kuba.

There's several Polish players in this game worth looking at because a few will have bigger opportunities after including possibly Blaszczykowski.

Our defense has been terrible and some Polish fans haven't rated Pazdan in the past. But, the central defender Michal Pazdan has been one of the top players in this Euro tournament for Poland.

The 28 year old plays for Polish Ektralasa side Legia Warsaw. If Poland leaves the tournament today, at 28 and playing in Poland, for like two million an adventure stateside may be appealing. And appealing for Columbus because they may finally solidify their backline again.

Also, if you want to throw a couple million Kuba's way and he has better offers. I would make the same offer to 19 year old Cracovia player Bartosz Kapustka because a couple offers in that direction and one might go.

This player makes me more excited for the future compared to even the present up top with Lewandowski.

Kapustka is a player.

He's likely to have better offers. But, perhaps if he isn't ready to start at a top club yet. To highlight himself in America for a year or two (a Giovinco like move, where he is scoring a comparable tally of goals), could lead to that.

Just with the US and Copa America done, something to look at today in Euro 2016.

I would take a look if I was Columbus. Even though Poland is much improved, perhaps doesn't get the respect as of yet compared to most in European soccer. So, may be the correct deal there. Perhaps the only opportunity left in that Summer tournament considering that. If we can go after a 28 year old Ecuadorian Copa America player, Poland might have a player or two we can go after. Worth a look.

Also, think ownership is ready for a bigger deal this Summer. I don't, like most Crew fans, expect the Columbus Crew to have some of the bigger deals in MLS. But, I think they could and are ready to sign someone in the $3-5 million range in total.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

6/28/16: Ola Kamara 5 Goals Video

And here's a less edited version:

6/28/16: Crew Summer Leads To Interesting Striker Scenario, Perhaps After Jaime Avoyi

Next person in? Whoever it is hopefully they stay (instead of go months later, like an unfortunate amount of our signings as of late). Columbus needs to focus on who is going to be a real fit for this club and who already is.

Losing Kei Kamara and his 22 regular season goals from 2015 made most think (and it's still debatable) that there was a void up top. And that this void needs to be filled this Summer for the Crew to perform again.

Especially with the amount of non-stink the Crew made about signing Ola Kamara earlier this season... And the still lack of wins, despite a healthy 5 goals in 8 games for Ola.

Which is a pretty good strike rate, even in high school soccer let alone MLS. So, the panic button doesn't necessarily need to be hit up top. Columbus just overall needs to play better..


Either they need to create more than one goal a game or gain a clean sheet.

Up top we do need two capable strikers. But, do we need Ola on the bench? No. So, what do we need? Think the brass up top could be running out of solutions.

But, the Crew "reportedly" are after Jaime Avoyi now. He doesn't look like a bad puzzle piece, but since he would require a starting spot likely and we only play one striker, is it good?

I think Columbus has to re-fit formation-wise more than anything.

We only have room currently for one striker to get 95% of the time on the field. Ola couldn't see a pitch when Kei was here.

And it's not like we couldn't use more goals elsewhere... Since our striker has 5 in 8 games and we are still near the bottom of the standings cellar; since no one else looks capable of a moment on the field as of late.

I think a transformation needs to be made as much there, as signing someone else productive.

6/28/16: Duka Returns

Sometimes you just want to Dilly Duka fistpump. So I'm glad he's back.

I also always liked his play and attitude in games.

And must say Duka's beautiful fan club is invited to all Nordecke tailgates. Yeah if I die and go to heaven, lol.

I took a month long break for Copa America and Euro 16, so just refitted the website a bit and saw we got Dilly Duka back. So, welcome back.

I never thought he was a bad player or a bad fit, if he can contribute to the overall team again all the better.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

6/2/16: Last Night's Loss Isn't Terrible For Me

Last night's loss isn't terrible for me.

The team had moments where they played well.

Ola Kamara was scoring again. Steve Clark has been motivated and has played well.

Further, Christian Martinez and Ben Swanson contributed which is a plus, depending on your opinions of their play. Either way, Martinez had a pretty sweet goal.

There were players out for international duty and injuries. But, for me this Summer the big focus is on defense.

We can score with Ola now and our midfield is strong. We need to get solid in the back in front of Clark, consistently.

The second goal was bad defense, all around. If we allow 3 goals a game we're going to have a tough time winning. Score two, should win.

I think if the Crew were to make a Summer signing that they don't need to bulk up, up top. They need to in the back, especially centrally. And in central midfield, if Tchani is never seeing the field again?

Get him back on the field. There's no presence or strength in the middle with Trapp and Saeid.

3 goals allowed the last two games is the issue.

Another issue is we won one of the last two against a good RSL side.

Further, this one may sting a bit after getting the lead early on and having a bogus red card. So, hopefully it gets our guys moving even more so after this break.

Not a bad two weeks for me against two better teams.

Were two wins away from 2nd in the East.

I have a feeling this team will really get going after a few weeks off. They seem to be more of a unit now after the trade.