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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

3/29/16: Could Guzan Land In US as Well? Or Where Do You See Him Next Season

Maybe this has been reported elsewhere and I'm way off base.

But, don't think Guzan finds the Championship, with Aston Villa, who debatably values him as a grand option next August.

I figure considering Howard is going to the Colorado Rapids, Guzan will look for somewhere else in the EPL or in Europe where he could possibly start. That would put him above Howard in the pecking order, especially with how Klinsmann values European time over MLS.

But, in the other regard. Lets say Guzan doesn't get anything but a backup shot elsewhere in the EPL or he sits with Aston Villa next season where he doesn't start half the time.

If he's not getting reps he may go behind Howard. So, maybe MLS. It makes more sense than the Mexican or Scottish league or something ridiculous.

It would be good for the league. Just as Dempsey, Bradley, and Altidore are good to have in the fold. The league could use some EPL level keepers, better quality overall at keeper, and a lot of teams could use him.

One team that could possibly use Guzan is ours.

Lets face it. No matter how much you like Clark; his mistake in the first minute of MLS Cup put us in a huge hole. This season, a lot of curious dribbling and a few other questionable decisions haven't filled the Crew fans with completely new thoughts.

A new chapter has begun for a lot of fans. I sat at midfield for the home opener and two guys were even discussing it there.

If he comes up big until June, July. Can perhaps put this chapter to bed. Crew fans really like the guy, I really liked him as a player for us for a year and a half, even saying maybe a US backup. I'm wild at times, lol. Will see overall what happens as the season goes along.

But, currently perhaps it's a spot we could improve on to win a few MLS Cup championships. And that should be more important to ownership, the coach and the fans.

I think in the field we are very solid overall. I debate keeper at times. Wouldn't with Guzan.

Would be a very bright acquisition if the Crew could magically woo him and put down the money. I think were 100% top to bottom if that type of acquisition would occur.

Your thoughts on what Guzan should do next year?

3/29/16: Finlay Gets Robbed, But Looks Solid

I think Ethan Finlay may have a solid future with the US.

Has a motor that sometimes we don't see on the USA wing and him and Pulisic brought something dangerous, different to the game.

But, Finlay got robbed on his home field goal wise. Yard onside, on his home field, already 3-0. Give the player the benefit of the doubt if it's at best debatable.

Nevertheless, was a smart finish.

Thought when he dragged it to the right he screwed it. But, keeper for Guatemala came out and that made it a soft pass into the back of the net for Ethan.

Just keep it up. If him and Trapp (at U-23's) become very important for the US very proud moment for Crew fans and Berhalter.

Good performance by Finlay I think. Good on Saravia to be involved in his national team, but his performance tonight said substitute for now at Columbus for me.

3/29/16: Edmucated

Apparently a story I wrote in 2008.

I bet if you click on it, it's a thrilling story.

3/29/16: Saravia Deserve Some Field Time?

Started last week against the US, probably will again tonight at Columbus.

Guatemala staff will figure he will be, see him motivated at his club's stadium and would likely be in front of Gregg Berhalter, who will likely be somewhere in the crowd.

A good performance might put Rodrigo closer to the top of the pecking order at Mapfre.

As it's probably tougher to displace a starter at the Columbus Crew then it is to start for Guatemala, lol. Should Columbus give him a run out at some point if things continue?

3/29/16: Who Wants To Bet Things Will Get Real in Columbus Tonight

Tonight will be good or very bad television for The Fourth Round, if the US loses their out of their first World Cup since 1986.

Well more than likely out. But, Guatemala should be confident after the last match up. Considering that rousing performance, here's my percentage of things happening.

*Fans in Columbus doing some "Jurgen out chant" 75%.

Because the guy may have been a good attacking player, but his big name makes him a coaching maestro that he isn't.

Wasn't even excellent for Germany, which is umm difficult for a lot of coaches that could say "here's a ball."

*Columbus being a spot for a big US match 100%.

Well, one good thing is that we host a fourth round match that isn't looking just like an exciting friendly; where Landon Donovan can show his magical wonder in front of his boy band fans. That's good, well sort of.

*Guatemala wins. 50%.

US National Team kind of deserves it with it's ability over recent history to under perform. The last time they overperformed was in Korea against Germany in the Quarterfinals.

If US is expected to lose and it's not a friendly that perhaps the opponents couldn't care about. They lose.

*US wins: 50% percent.

Jurgen is coaching maestro for not putting a left back at forward or a left winger at right wing or a female stripper at striker.

Dope schedule of games tonight: 100% percent.

Get to watch the US measle a 1-0 victory in Columbus with great boring attacking, get to watch the U-23's fill us with better hope perhaps after, and get to watch Mexico beat Canada 10-0 in Estado Azteca. Whatever, pshht, watching Desperate Housewives.

Friday, March 25, 2016

3/25/16: Life Goals

You could make millions of dollars as well if you can kick a ball once in a while wonderfully.

Pic by John J. Lavelle II

Wonder if either has an image consultant that makes them seem beyond needed or fantastic?

3/25/16: No Zlatan Likely. But, Pretty Dope..

I probably won't be there, but will be at Manchester United, Chelsea, or Arsenal instead. Going to Columbus makes me do this.

Pretty dope that two sweet, historic teams are coming to Columbus for a game in preseason.

Erm. Don't know if I would go that far.

But, pretty fun for fans and a good event.

But, have always been confused why American networks televise preseason games by European teams and etc. Would be nicer for me to get the Crew in a packed Shoe' nowadays. Better for the city too.

Or just a packed Mapfre weekly.. Instead of a Zlatan, Christaino Ronaldo boyband concert.

3/24/16: Getting Closer To A Normal Crew?

So, Columbus has went from two straight losses to a tie.

At least they didn't wear those jersies.

Could a win be coming? How long do you see it being?

Against Chicago the long ball was being played far too often again. For a Crew team that could probably play long ball twice a game.

There was more of a connection, passes tied together in midfield. If that is something to take from it.

But, as most fans have said, do we see the fight in the club that we saw last year?

Or could being a MLS Cup participant have been fulfilling enough? Sounds crazy but you start to wonder.

If you want to take a siesta. Nap highlights are here:

One thought, and probably the only, is Matt Lampson now plays successfully for USL club Chicago Fire.

Good on him to play pretty well. Crew could use Lampson today to challenge Steve Clark because I'm sick of hearing about Clark's play, it could be needed, and Lampson's body language looked better.

But, how do you have that crowd for a opener? It's difficult to even challenge that snoozer crowd in Columbus currently.

If you realize they still exist in MLS nowadays. Lol, move Chicago to Cleveland. Perhaps Cleveland could win a trophy in just MLS.

Berhalter could also start someone else. Even if it's seen as panic. Even if it leads to Finlay, Trapp, Kamara, or Higuaín taking a rest on the bench. They need something new currently, so try something new.

Friday, March 18, 2016

3/18/16: Columbus Needs To Transfer Energy Completely Against Chicago

Columbus has been rather stagnant the first two games of the season.

The team hasn't taken the first two by the horns and completely done what it takes to gain three points, 6 overall.

I hope Columbus kind of gets pissed this week and takes it to a rival in Chicago.

Hopefully the fact that two games in Chicago (1 point) has been crummy as well, probably more expectantly, leads to better.

If not, I think the groining will get even louder by fans.

So, what should the Crew do to get a better result?

I think, as a lot of fans said, they should mix it up more. No one has been amazed with Jimenez or Finlay. So, how about Mabwati on the left, Larsen or Meram on the right.

I think more speed on the wings, to go with more speed by the left and right backs, will be too much for Chicago to stick with.

I also think Gregg will begin to forgo that new acquisitions won't receive time on the field right away thing. He needs anyone to give a better performance currently.

Mabwati deserves it for his moment in the playoffs, a other new starter or two deserves it because of a lack of performance so far.

So, do it.

Because of MLS Cup can't be scared to sit starters, we likely need more game changers to be more involved to win it. So, it's fine.

**Gregg needs to change up left and right midfield. That's all he's subbed in the first two games. Perhaps there's, I don't know, a reason.

**Even if we don't change starters. Change formation. If we lose this week it's obvious other MLS teams currently understand our playbook. Change it up.

**If there's anymore blunders by Clark in the next two games. See what Pacifici or Stuver has. If neither is a player, why are they the backups?

Usually it's easier for a rook starting keeper to perform, compared to a field player.

I was scared a few times in the stadium last week of Clark's dribbling, distribution kicks 10 yards out of bounds, lol.

He's one of the top characters, personalities on the Crew starting eleven. But, if his performance in the last three games hasn't been wonderful it's the same as replacing someone in midfield.

His saves second half against the Union were excellent.

But, if he's going to perform in 2016, at least learn from MLS Cup. Pick the ball up! Stop dribbling please.

**Even if Gregg keeps it all the same this week. It's fine. Obviously the Crew has no need to panic two games in. During the season, once in a while Gregg's teams go through a cold streak. I guess better to get it out of the way now.

Just no matter what. The eleven on the field this week need to step it up a level.

3/18/16: Riverhounds Assignment Good for Ben Swanson, Hollingsworth

Ben Swanson is headed to the Pittsburgh Riverhounds. For a midfield currently filled with talent, USL time for the 18 year old might be what the doctor ordered.

In his second year with Columbus, the young Crew academy product is expected to do things and has the time to develop.

Academy product Wil Trapp has paid off for Columbus. Perhaps Ben Swanson will be a more attacking Wil Trapp in the future.

Defender Michael Parkhurst had a good scout report on Swanson:

“It’s so difficult for a guy that’s straight from high school to come in here and train with guys that are 10 years older than him and physically much more mature, (but) he’s really hung in there and he’s battled. There’s been weeks where he’s really settled in nice and weeks when you can’t tell that he’s so young and then there’s periods that are tough for him that any growing young professional goes through where confidence is struggling. I’ve talked to him a little bit and he’s got a bright future. He’s a smart kid and he knows how to battle through it.”

Last year, Swanson had time to see how the first team works and spent some time practicing in Germany.

The next step perhaps, is seeing how he plays in a first team in Pittsburgh. If Swanson does well 2017 may see him as a substitute for the first team.

Or with some starting time, if the midfield keeps playing how they have lately. :-)

Anyways best of luck to him. I think this is a good step to get him developed fully.

**Rook Marshall Hollingsworth will join Ben in Pittsburgh.

Probably a really good move for Marshall as well, as getting used to MLS from the NAIA is a bit of a step.

But, this is a good sign for both Ben and Marshall because the Crew see a future if they develop them. Other current rooks probably won't see the field in 2016 and likely will say adios to make space for next years rooks.

If both have a pretty good year in the USL, Gregg will take notice.

Good luck.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

3/14/16: Crew Home Opener Won't Fill Many Fans With Belief

Well that opener wasn't unimaginably great.

*To get beaten with relative ease by a team that was rather meh last year isn't a good start at all. Doesn't make CCS or rather Mapfre look like a fortress. Crew forgot how to come out and play with guts and gusto at the beginning of this year.

*Philadelphia Union were without perhaps their three best players in Barnetta, Edu, and Nogueira. Pontius or Pontiac, lol announcer error, apparently turned into Lewandowski against the formidable Crew defense. Philly had Crew fans headed to their cars 20 minutes early when they went up at our place comfortably 2-0.

Maybe we could try something new? At least Larsen or Mabwati on the wing instead of Jimenez. Since umm, that seems obvious.

*Andre Blake was ridiculous this game. Saw him play once in college in 2013, while producing UConn at Louisville, he was so heralded coming into that game and had an impressive showing.

I wondered why it took him so long to get going in MLS.

Apparently he got on top of it. Steve Clark could honestly learn a thing or two watching his game tape.

Or at least could learn picking a ball up instead of dribbling. Since he's rather atrocious at it.

*Despite Blake being a beast our offense could learn how to shoot.

Headers for Finlay and company yards away from the keeper were downright embarrassing.
Trapp and a few other skyed their attempts.
Meram and Mabwati brought a lot to the game. But, had a couple of shots that could've been in the back of the net but were struck right at the keeper.

Berhalter could use a simple high school shooting drill this week, lol. And then after that a drill of picking a corner of the net.

Will make his coaching easy, but they could use it.

*For being so possession based, I saw a lot of times are whole eleven sitting back while the Union dribbled around the field. I wouldn't think the Crew dominated that statistic, even without looking.

*Berhalter needs to try a new formation, some new acquisitions, something different! Apparently some starters think because they got to MLS Cup they can walk through this season.

I'm not saying were currently in a crisis.  But it's kind of laughable when we have 0 points while Toronto and NYCFC are on 4 and the Union have 3. I would like to see a little more urgency.

*A win against rivals Chicago next week would make every Crew fan a bit more happier. Just need to freshen up the team a little bit and put some guys on a bit of notice.

Go Crew.

3/13/16: Was It a Good Idea To Let Jack Mac Go?

First off, Jack McInerney's sub appearances for the Crew were more impressive than most appearances off the bench for Columbus. The 23 year old is a natural goalscorer that finds the back of the net. To do decently well off the bench and to be a dangerous threat off of it, should have been satisfied with that and kept him to see what happens.

As a Crew fan I was decently satisfied with his appearances. Compared to most Crew striker backups being able to move quickly is a step up, lol. But, has a greater effect off the bench compared to Conor Casey. Could even be a midfield option.

So, why would you get rid of him and give him to a team that has beat us soundly 2 out of the last 3 games? Why would you demote our striker options?

First off he was only 23. At 23 he already had 39 MLS goals. Came right out of high school to the league, so in that regard poor man Kobe Bryant-esque.

And with the Crew had 2 goals in 5 mostly substitute appearances. Not bad at all. Deserves a full season.

Definitely has much greater upside at 23 than a on his last legs 34 year old Conor Casey. So, in that regard not a great move.

Even if it was needed in some way to get Ola Kamara. Ola hasn't had a phenomenal strike rate and may or may not have that upside. At least doesn't have nearly 40 MLS goals under his belt already at 23.

I think potential wise a bad move. Also, might be better with a sub appearance at 23 compared to a Norwegian International player in Ola or a veteran Casey.

Will see and not saying it will ruin the Crew's 2016. But, already has got on the scoresheet with Portland so, so far. No.

3/13/16: Crew Stadium Parking Stinks and Team Store Is Awful. But, Lol Otherwise

Team shop stinks and Parking is like Mad Max Fury Road currently.

Game thoughts are coming after this because I definitely do have some. As umm, erm I'm sure everyone does. But, just had a opinion or two of stuff, around the stadium, that the Crew could improve on with I think relative ease.

Or with half of Emil Larsen's contract since we'll never play him apparently anyways, lol.

Pre-match Thoughts (Parking Fun, Team Store, Stands)

I'm usually a Nordeckian that comes hours before the game via Uber, lol. But, I bought regular seats for the first time in six years, was with family, and some things about the experience were rather odd and unappealing.

I never use stadium parking, visit the team store, or sit in regular seats. And I understand why now.

I'm also usually not 100% sober either to notice, lol. But, I mention because it was sort of like a Soccer mom version of Mad Max.

Parking Adventure!

Parking for the match in front of the stadium was just the first right entrance. Which took you straight into the special parking area up front, the VIP paved area, that was completely empty. So, us and a ton of people parked there (with no private pass).

But, then I mentioned to my family that this probably wasn't a grand idea, just in case. But, if it was special parking or if this was your first Crew game how would you know without a sign?

So, I tried to get them to regular parking; trying to exit the front of the entrance to VIP, which was coned off except for a minutely small little area. Which we weren't sure if our SUV could get through. Parking attendant next to it was sitting down, not paying attention to anything, not checking people that drove into the entrance (when we were deciding whether to exit).

So, guess I was worried about nothing as usual. But, that whole park job was a mess and confusing.

In addition, at the end of the game, no one was directing the traffic out of the stadium. No clue how to exit. Only way to get out was to go a mile and a half through a neighborhood, in front of the stadium, despite I-71 being right there.

Also, no walking guard telling people when to stop so traffic could flow out of stadium. Probably sat there for 20 minutes while people passed. In my opinion someone will accidently get hit one day.

Team Store Car Dealership

I wanted some new Crew logo swag. Despite being a huge Crew fan haven't purchased anything new because not a outrageous team gear person. Figured it was time though.

Was focused on getting something. But, after a minute or two was like nope.

Here's a list of everything to improve at the team store:
1.) Make larger so people might actually enjoy being in there- Every fan was packed in there like sardines. Made me want to get out of there.

Just expand to the left and get rid of the conference area or whatever the hell that is across from it to the left. I never see anyone in there. I don't know but figure that would be easy to expand if you tear down those walls and remodel it. If you want to double the profit of that store.

And I don't know so you can let fans enjoy it, instead of waiting outside for 20 minutes to get in.

2.) Prices are ridiculous- Who in their right mind is dropping $90 bucks on a sweatshirt that cost $10 bucks to make. I get a nice sweater or shoes at H&M for $15, $30 bucks.

Nice size store with the official gear; along with some Homage and funkier Crew shirts, some Crew Union, Hudson Street, Einheit shirts, and more available prices. I could get an upcharge of $10 bucks in an official team store but $90 bucks for a regular sweatshirt? Haha what?

3.) Why so many workers in it, up your ass? I don't know but if you're like me, usually when I browse for clothing and a worker up front says when you enter "can I help you find anything?" I'm like "no thank you" and browse to my hearts content.

My mom was looking at a shirt and some guy that worked there was like, "just so you know smalls are up front, then mediums, large, extra large." Thanks bud, lol, but what? My mom is not a retard.

Selling shirts not a car, so let us handle it.

4.) So, finally. I was like "f**k it, let's get out of here and go to our seats." So, the one door was locked to exit, so tried behind the team store.

Lol, but the only way to exit is a checkout and was like, "lol, umm?"

So, was just like "can we be let out, not buying anything." And these workers were like baffled. Lol, okay.

Concession Stand Pricing

Me and my mom were going to get drinks and a pretzel or nachos.

But, when my mom saw $4.50 for a water she was like nevermind and came back to our seating.

Probably would've spent $10 bucks otherwise.

The Point Is

Between concession stands and the team store probably would've added $60 more bucks to the Crew coffers but were turned off twice because didn't want to make it over $100. So make it reasonable.

I would consider myself a Crew diehard with my overall past. If it was my first time though I could understand how a perspective fan could be turned off by a similar situation.

Regular Stands

At least was more impressed by regular fans than years ago; as they were more knowledgeable this time around. Wasn't a terrible experience in that regard.

Friday, March 11, 2016

3/11/16: Quote of Today

“Coach Gregg wants to play in quite a similar style from the style I came from in Denmark,” Larsen explains. “Columbus play very good football, and I think that this football is how I want to play. That was the most important thing for me.”

Thursday, March 10, 2016

3/10/16: Extreme Focus on a Striker Scoring Is The Worst Thing For a Striker

This article by Shawn Mitchell describes the issue.

Just let Kamara play. I understand the focus on any striker to score. But, we're one game in lol and even if it's 20 save the conversation overall for after the season.

Obviously Kamara over exceeded the mark in his first season and who knows he could score 10 or 25 goals this season. 5 or 30 even. But, if the Crew are successful in 2016 who cares.

As Kamara said: “I’d be OK with two goals and an MLS Cup."

“Sometimes you need that adversity, especially early on,” coach Gregg Berhalter said about Kamara missing a chance or two in the opener.

I didn't even remember thinking "ahh what a chance Kamara" at all during the opener. Perhaps maybe his movement could've been better to make that a problem, but wouldn't say there was a wide open chance and/or extreme adversity as a fan to see him get one.

Did anyone say after the opener last year, "ahh yes Kamara is going to match our scoring since Stern John days!?" Which if you don't know was 16, 17 years ago.

So, Crew fans should chill on the subject, same with the media if that was ever an issue.

As a former striker of not as much success, lol, d-3 college for a little.. You score when not consumed with the thought of goals and just playing.

The more that the fans and media focuses on score tallies on twitter, Bigsoccer, and what have you, especially a game in lol, not helpful.

Think Kamara is a strong guy mentally, especially in his 30's. Won't be an issue what anyone says. But, an odd thing to think of one game in.

Strikers have a game where they score 0 or 2 or 3. Some strikers score 5 goals in 9 minutes, lol (Lewandowski). So, relax fans.

Trust me everyone, the Portland opener wasn't the peak of Crew play in 2016. In a lot of positions. Lol so, relax. It isn't noteworthy.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

3/8/16: Borchers Picture

Think this picture is amusing. Borchers face, not Higuaín biking. :-)

Up top is my best attempt if you got one for this pic, go to picmonkey.com and send it to our twitter @CrewtureFanzine. If you need the original pic, is here.

3/8/16: Poetry in Motion

Sunday, March 6, 2016

3/6/16: Game 1 Reactions (and Overreactions)

Higuaín has a good start. His teammates, not a game to write home about.

*We all know Seattle is a bit too commercial, what about Portland? I'm okay with the Nordecke not being as show boaty with capos and different color shirts to create heart shapes (lol necessary) and an unspectacular rendition of the national anthem.

The scarf motion during the anthem hits me though; it's what Francis Scott Key had in mind.

But, can you imagine the Nordeck keeping it together long enough to sing the anthem to Mapfre Stadium and the ESPN viewing audience? If you see that or care congrats. I give Portland fans credit for formulating English. Woo hoo.

I don't find a crowd rendition spectacular or necessary though. Just feels like an attempt to show other Americans that soccer fans are unique. Always a soccer thing, you don't go to a Browns game and have that.

Tifo was cool though.

* Is Caleb Porter the most small, small guy? Probably. He seems beyond aggressively into himself. If ESPN could not point the camera at him ever, would be okay.

His post game interview with the rain pouring into his eyes was spectacular though. Along with his acting that he didn't even notice the championship banner. We all know he thinks he's a god to Portland now.

* Well, thanks MLS for letting the Crew see the romantic revealing of the championship banner they did not win. That's a good way to start the year.

* I fought the log but the log won? Well, lets start Crew celebrations where everyone in our section does something beyond unique.

Stick with me.

Every time Columbus does something good. Lets motor boat a tifo. Have Taylor Twellman talk about that "Oh Columbus fans are at it again! Look at them cheer on their team! This is sooo goooood for the city!"

And then if we go to MLS Cup in Portland, they'll have to accept that. Beats watching a large man chopping a log right.

Seriously. Why don't the Timbers Army get hot females to chop the log? I could get behind that and well the whole world.

*Who knew we just had to sign Kamara as a DP to make Higuaín play like one. Sick goal and created the two other dangerous opportunities.

Actually probably was the only above average performance?

Higuaín is my Game 1 MVP. Hopefully he keeps it up.

By the way, instead of adding Casey to the dynamic. Subbing Ola for Kei would've been perhaps more interesting. Since Kei brought about nothing to this one.

* Actually what might've worked better is putting Ola, Emil Larsen, and even Mabwati in. Portland has already seen our "top 11" and beat them twice, now three times, 2-1.

21 out of 22 starters were in the final three months ago. The best surprise for the Timbers would've been for us to change it up completely. Sitting on the bench could've been a motivation for some normal starters as well.

*The jersey actually didn't look that bad on TV and perhaps is more appealing on a athletic soccer player, lol.


*Dude for me Columbus got way too caught out on the counter attack. If that Aspiralla or that other guy with the crazy hair could not suck and finish could've been a lot worse.

But, Columbus also let both of their goals in during the run of play when they were dominating possession.

So, could just be the team that has the luck against them currently.

What were your thoughts on the opener? What do you agree or disagree on? Feel free to reply on @CrewtureFanzine Should have something more professional, lol, up tomorrow.

Doing this new blog notes thing during the game. So, I have something out soon after. Share your opinions, amusing or not lol.

3/6/16: Video: Get Pumped Up For The Opener

Saturday, March 5, 2016

3/5/16: Pittsburgh Riverhounds Appear a Much Better Agreement

New field (not a high school football field with American football lines) and a new stadium, beautifully in downtown Pittsburgh.. Or well just right outside.

More ambitious ownership than before at the club; that appears to be actively constructing the right things to improve the club. That actually has an ambition to join Major League Soccer by 2023 (or at least said that). There above pictured stadium can fit 3,500 but was constructed to be transformed with more ease to 18,500.

Here's a write up on their current Owner and President.

Pittsburgh is perhaps a more exciting area to live in than Dayton, lived in both. Might seem like less of a punishment and a chance to get minutes if you're a Crew player put on loan there. Was in town this Summer and went to a game, was above average.

And one former Crew player, not much in the former category, was just signed to Pittsburgh in 2015 draft pick Sergio Campbell.

Figure this will be a place for Matt Pacifici and Marshall Hollingsworth to see themselves in 2016. Surprisingly, I've been to Hollingsworth's Wheaton College for their rivalry game against North Park in 2013.

I was the Producer of this broadcast:

So, I expect Hollingsworth to be a Crew MVP in 3 years; because what are the chances. Was a NAIA school I believe.

Actually was a better experience and one of the more adaptable press booths.

In addition, actually interviewed a Riverhounds player last year on a podcast:

My cousin on the left has a social media website in Pittsburgh called Burgh Life; he had a Riverhounds player on his schedule. But, knew nothing about soccer so he asked for my help.

Talked to a top staff member (think he was from England) working for them. Wondered why the Crew weren't affiliated here? Well, now they are.

Correct color jerseys as well:

3/5/16: Can Columbus Keep Harrison Afful and Waylon Francis

With everything quiet on the Western Front.

Lets talk about the possible transfer out for Harrison Afful and about other news.

Nearly two months ago it was reported that Afful might head closer to Ghana by way of Turkey for
three times the amount of cash.

It appears he is likely to stay with Columbus currently but could it be just until the August transfer window?

The Ghanian talent had an excellent first year for Columbus. More recently he mentioned his desire to win MLS Cup in his second year with Columbus.

“My expectation is just the one: just to win the trophy for the club," he says.
"This year, we are ready and we are going to get that trophy for the club and for the city.”

Amro Tarek was signed by Columbus as a loanee from Real Betis. He's mostly a left back which makes you wonder if he could transition into Afful's position, or if there is an interest in Waylon Francis.

Columbus could've signed the Egyptian just in case one goes.

There has to be a lot of clubs looking at both as possible quick wingers. Both have beyond reached fan expectations.

Former Crew player Giancarlo Gonzalez has been a pretty solid performer for a big European club such as Palermo.

The Crew defense wasn't fantastic in 2015. But, both defensive wingers have checked off the marks. I think Columbus will have to battle to keep both. If not this Summer, next offseason.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

3/2/16: Kamara Signed As A DP, Celebrate Crew Fans

Kamara Signed As DP Until 2018

The best move that the Columbus Crew made all offseason happened today. Kei Kamara was paid over $1 million to stay with Columbus until 2018. Kei scored 22 goals during the 2015 season. He will be up top for at least three more seasons bagging goals for Columbus.

“In the end, it came down to our feeling that Kei is going to continue to be productive,” Berhalter said. “Does he have the desire? Is he going to help us win games? The answer was yes. And we still think it’s a good value, and we still feel it’s totally in line with what we believe in as a club."

Here's his first 10 out of 22 goals, in the best video I put together during the 2015 season:

Even Kei gave it a shout, which I appreciate.

Crew fans seem very happy about the deal, especially when it may curb some cap space.

Crew fan Belgrano made a good point on Bigsoccer:

"Beyond the particulars of Kei's situation, this is the right thing to do.

It sends a message to the whole squad that if you perform and exceed expectations, the Club will be good to you. And it sends a message to any prospective players that if you sign with the Crew and perform well, the organization will maintain an investment in you and value your work. It is just a good employee-relations decision to make."

And a good goal scoring situation. Here's to Kei for his work so far and his continued work for many seasons to come.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

3/1/16: What Should Crew Fans Hope For in Opener and 2016

Regular season

What I would like to see is more consistency throughout the regular season.

Columbus was excellent overall during the playoffs, but I would like to see 2008 form during the regular season.

I believe the Supporters Shield is more of a honor, of course MLS Cup is a stronger one considering the league, but I think the Supporters Shield is of course a more difficult bar for every team.

It takes focus throughout the season and consistency.

A lot of MLS teams go through a span of five games where they are massive and then terrible the next five. Columbus is no different, especially Berhalter's first season and the first half of 2015 before the team got moving.

Perhaps with an excellent return 11, with added international level talent such as Emil Larsen, Ola Kamara, Rodrigo Saravia, and Amro Tarek (not much on the international play talent); overall they'll be strong enough to compete for the Shield and MLS Cup like 08'.


I'm sure every Crew team after 08' gets sick of being compared to 08'. All I think is this Columbus Crew team is able to bypass that point total and be back at MLS Cup. Twice in a row would definitely beat that in my opinion.

I'm glad the opener is against the Portland Timbers in Portland. It would be a good way to start the year to win 3-0 there, quiet their crowd, and show that 2016 is going to be completely opposite in the MLS Cup spectrum.

Any win would be good. It would be an improvement to see the Crew getting fired up right away in this opener and the opener at home. Start with 6 points, defeat who defeated you last at home in the most important game in 7 years.

I believe and hope we will see a desperately hungry Crew team in 2016.


Here's what I hope for Berhalter wise.

Berhalter has dramatically improved players that were subpar before his arrival and has bolstered, especially this offseason, his bench and options. He worked the Crew back into the playoffs in his first year, into MLS Cup his second.

He's young. What does 3rd, 4th, or 5th hold?

He's also added a style that is offensive, entertaining, regarded by anyone that follows the league.

I'm hoping Berhalter and Columbus is in dynasty mode.

That could've been why the Crew picked him instead of a former Crew and International Guillermo that could want to go back to Argentina in a few years.

Berhalter instead could legitimately be here for 10-15 years. If he's getting a small market Columbus in MLS Cup almost every year, the US National Team might get tired of Juergen Klinnsmann types and their show, instead going with a former national team player.

What New Player Will Make The Most Impression

I think it will be who you least expect, like Rodrigo Saravia.

It usually is who you least expect through life and at 23 could be a diamond in the rough pick.

Kid is already getting playing time with his national team after drafted with the Crew, which shows some respect for his ability.

Or it could just be where the Crew gets the injury bug. If that doesn't happen, I think Larsen is the most high profile pick up and will get a chance.

I can see Ola Kamara getting a shot to come on late and if Berhalter ever wants to try to experiment with two strikers.

Even Amro will get some sub appearances or challenge for spots on the backline.

If you have any thoughts on where the Crew will land in 2016, what you expect during the season and the opener, or what new player will be Frankie Hejduk 2? Post on our twitter to the right or @CrewtureFanzine

3/1/16: New Men In Blazers Posted Online

If you're usually asleep when it comes on and/or a Tottenham or Leicester fan, with more of a keen interest this year, here you are.

A lot of amusing stuff of Van Gaal's fall down.