Tuesday, December 27, 2016

12/27/16: Cedrick To Murcia Looks Definite, Confirmed; New Wisla Krakow Vice President was Crew Employee, Scout

Crew scout now Wisla Krakow's vice president.

**Two more articles in Spain have picked up the story today of Cedrick's deal to UCAM Murcia. La Opinion De Murcia has a decent write up today, link here.

And Tu Perodico Deportivo also wrote this morning. Until today, Cadena Sur was the only one with build up articles of interest on Dec. 20th and 21st and confirmation of the deal yesterday.

But, can be confirmed now I believe. La Opinion De Murcia is a big local website.

**Apparently a Spaniard Manuel Junco, who was employed by the Columbus Crew for the past three seasons, is now the Vice President of Wisla Krakow. Link here.

Several articles like this show up in October, but haven't seen anywhere and appears interesting.

Was in charge of Crew scouting apparently in Europe:


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