Friday, December 16, 2016

12/16/16: Ola Kamara Premier League Bound?

No worries. Just in a offseason loan perhaps. Link here

As purportedly one Premier League side and two Championship sides are now interested in Ola's services in an offseason loan.

A story that just won't go away. I wouldn't be surprised if one is still Aston Villa.

But, could see Hull City, Swansea-like teams having a use for Ola Kamara.

And wouldn't mind seeing Kamara for a couple months on Saturday mornings. Which could drive up his price, as well as general interest in coming to a Crew game this year to see a Premier League player.

So, sure if Columbus wants to send him to a Premier League side for a couple of months prior to the MLS Season. Why not? Think that makes business sense.

Just would like him back on day one. Even with silky smooth Adam Jahn.

If it had to be a loan until the end of the Premier League season. Columbus needs to get another striker to replace Conor Casey :-), Mike Magee or similar.


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