Thursday, December 15, 2016

12/15/16: Free Agency Acquisitions

The full list of available free agents is here

MLS teams usually ignore out of contract, free agents a bit. Guess there is a reason they're out of contract. But, Columbus could gain some bigger names for the least money. Which if you know anything about Columbus is always a viable option.

And all that I may have an interest in are bolded.

Alston, Kevin Orlando Option

28. Not a bad player in MLS. Might be a serviceable backup, the right kind, at wingback. Also, if Berhalter has some questions yet on Waylon Francis, would be a step up from Ashe and Jimenez perhaps as backup on the wing. Solid depth on the wings.

Ashe, Corey Columbus Option


Ballouchy, Mehdi NYCFC Out of Contract

No. 33, has barely played much as of late.

Barnes, Darrius New England Out of Contract


Barrett, Chad San Jose Option


2 goals in 20 for San Jose. Adam Jahn is enough San Jose talent. Sure would make more sense compared to Conor Casey. So who knows?

Haha, good lord.

Beasley, DaMarcus Houston Out of Contract

127 games with the United States. But, 34. Ok with using him as an option, more depth at defensive wingback. Also, could have an interest in a Beasley Crew jersey.

But, not worth the price tag for depth.

Borchers, Nat Portland Out of Contract


Casey, Conor Columbus Option

Are you kidding.

Franklin, Sean D.C. United Out of Contract

Sean Franklin. Same deal as Alston. I think the Crew need other options at wingback as a number 3. Number 2 if there are still questions about Francis.

That option needs to be a lot better than Ashe, Jimenez this year. Both had a lot of time on the field last season, questionably a bit too much.

If some could play midfield on the wing as well, even better.

Gomez, Herculez Seattle Out of Contract

If you were looking for someone serviceable as a 60th minute sub at striker. I would go with Gomez out of this list. Like him quite a bit as a person and player.

Yet his price tag and his 0 goals in 21 games for Seattle last season. Meh.

Goodson, Clarence San Jose Option


Gordon, Alan LA Galaxy Out of Contract

Same deal as Gomez. Likely not worth the money to slap Ola, Jahn on the back as they score the goals.

Grabavoy, Ned Portland Option
He's still in MLS?

Last time he played for us was enough.

Hernandez, Jason NYCFC Option


Horst, David Houston Out of Contract

Who? No.

Jewsbury, Jack Portland Out of Contract


Johnson, Will Toronto FC Out of Contract

29. Still has stuff left in tank. Good player in my belief.

Since he has been let go twice in two years. A question and perhaps cheaper because of that this offseason.

Would be okay at least with giving him or Magee on this list a try as creative options in central midfield, compared to sticking where were at. Especially if were not spending money.

At least bring in another option in Higuaín's position in Johnson or Magee. Think either could/may be a stronger player.

Kronberg, Eric Montreal Out of Contract

Uh no.

LaBrocca, Nick Chicago Option

Haha no.

Larentowicz, Jeff LA Galaxy Out of Contract

Even though we could use a ginger. No.

Plus was signed by Atlanta United today. See busy.

Le Toux, Sebastian Colorado Out of Contract

Uh no.

Lenhart, Steven San Jose Option

Bash bro.

Always liked. Would love to have back as some deep depth. Think he would like it.

Just as certifiable as a number two at striker. 

Yeah Columbus and Berhalter want to talk up Jahn. Think he deserves being re-signed. But, would be okay with seeing Lenhart again as well.

But, just as much don't care.

Magee, Mike LA Galaxy Out of Contract

Good player. Someone will get him. Like I said would put him or a few others in Higuaín's position as a non-DP.

Mapp, Justin Sporting KC Option

Always thought he was a good, tricky player. Impressed with him a bit in Chicago days. Hasn't played much in recent years. But, cheap midfield depth? Could think of far worse.

Morales, Javier Real Salt Lake Option

Good RSL career. 36, time to wrap it up.

Myers, Chance Sporting KC Out of Contract

David Horst, Chance Myers have a quite a bit of appearances. But, lol first time hearing of them.

Because Crew usually like to sign the most unexciting of players. Watch out.

Nagamura, Paulo Sporting KC Out of Contract


Oduro, Dominic Montreal Out of Contract

Crew fans have mentioned him and Lenhart. For me no.

Olave, Jamison Real Salt Lake Option


Pappa, Marco Colorado Option

Kind of a player I wouldn't mind the Crew taking a shot on in central midfield. In the same depth as Will Johnson and perhaps Magee.

Would be okay with picking one of those, saving a ton of money, think we would be better and would help us completely turn a roster page. Which after last year is needed a bit substantially.

If, as is likely, they don't buy anyone substantial.

Peterson, Jacob Sporting KC Out of Contract


Reynish, Kyle NY Red Bulls Out of Contract

Pretty good at being an MLS career backup. Though it wouldn't shock me if one of these guys get picked up by Columbus as not enough belief in Steffen, Stuver.

Scott, Zach Seattle Option

His wiki pic is filled with joy and made me laugh. But, no.

Zach Scott (cropped).jpg

Sturgis, Nathan Seattle Option


Wahl, Tyson Columbus Option

Retired. But, even if $18,000 dollar contract. Would have a hard time. Good luck to him.

Wingert, Chris Real Salt Lake Out of Contract

Didn't he hate Columbus when he played here? That would be funny.

Wynne, Marvell San Jose Out of Contract

No. But, would be interesting.


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