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12/15/16: Columbus Crew Have To Spend Some Money in 2017. Right?

#5 will at least happen. Right?

This post on Fox Sports by Ryan Rosenblatt has circuitously ended up on the Crew Bigsoccer forum and the Nordecke Facebook forum. So mise well put my two cents in on if I agree with..

The 5 Things the Columbus Crew Need To Do This Offseason

1. Find An Alternative to Federico Higuaín

If I were to bet on who would be gone first this offseason out of Federico Higuaín, Michael Parkhurst, or Steve Clark. My bet would've been Federico Higuaín.

Not saying I'm not happy that we moved on with two of the three.

With it only being December, I wouldn't have likely betted that two out of those three would already be gone.

And because of that I would give the offseason a B so far. Just because of that.

But, hoping to awake in that alternate reality where I see this headline for Columbus Crew.

But, seriously though, how do the Fire have that kind of money? Even they now have far less attendance than us.

Toyota Park on television looks like twenty polaks (I can say I'm Polish), a couple raccoons foraging by the garbage bins, a dustweed, 10 fans in whatever their fan section is called (forget).

Have fun with that. Maybe they can make Schweinsteiger player and coach.

As can you imagine taking orders from Jose Mourinho to Veljko Paunovic? So why not sweeten the deal even more Chicago? Can't get worse. What would you lose? Schweinsteiger new Fire manager, you heard it here first.

Since Columbus is likely to go the cheapest route possible.... Always in it's history.

I could live with just trying anything new. Trading Federico and just signing a free agent to throw into his spot for cheaper. Like Mike Magee or Will Johnson.

I don't think it could be any worse or slower.

But, Berhalter protected Higuaín. He's like the boyfriend that just can't let go. Couldn't even let go of Clark fully.

Clark option was declined, made a goodbye statement. Berhalter said, "we just didn't like the option numbers, too expensive, door isn't shut."

Just turn a page.

What I Hope? Sign someone known, with legs in that position. Not another Nicolai Naess that no one has heard of, though I think is good, not a Bastian Schweinsteiger. Just someone that turns a head, gives us some hope. Use that Kei Kamara money here that you always talk about.

2. Rebuild the defense

Correct the defense was bad. But, saying Parkhurst was the team's best defender, is to get a rise out of Crew fans right?

The Crew need solid depth. Not Tyson Wahl, Hector Jimenez, and even Corey Ashe as your backups.

I think Afful (the best defender) and Francis are truly good. But, may get injured, have funks.

So out of the free agents. Wouldn't mind signing Sean Franklin, even Kevin Alston as that 2nd or 3rd defensive wingback. You'll need them if you noticed how much Ashe and Jimenez played last year.

And wouldn't mind someone good. Ashe wasn't bad. Even bringing him back. Would make more sense over bringing back Clark or protecting Jimenez.

I think the defense is in a better position already.

With backups like:
And possibly in my unlikely head
Maybe another CB.. And it starts looking relatively much better

3. Spend some money

Spend that Kei Kamara money, if it exists any longer. Which will get even bigger if #1 on this list happens.

I don't expect or think the Columbus Crew needs to get crazy like the Chicago Fire did above. Just get someone exciting somewhere in that offense to rep the fans. Because even if were not sold out every game. There are people that care extremely. Promise you. 

And they deserve it after watching this team last year. Let's spend the money a little on someone we can get behind.

Someone interesting. Not talking about a huge name. But, someone who perhaps played somewhere interesting would be nice.

4. Show some patience

Oh we don't have to do it. Just Berhalter and Precourt. Ok, I'm okay with that. :-)

5. Ditch The Horrible Secondary Kit

And whoever came up with it (or promote them for somehow selling you on it). I'm going with the latter.

And maybe ditch late night scotch's. The light blue shorts, good god.

If I could only sell ideas as well.


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