Saturday, October 8, 2016

10/8/16: Playoff Best Case Scenario

The season could end like this if every result goes the Crew's way. I have a breakdown of the results that would cause the season standings to look like this on October 26th, below the standings chart. Maybe not as extreme, impossible as one would think:
Now it's unlikely that the Impact, DC United, and Philadelphia will all finish the season with two losses. But, the Crew need one of the three to do it and they need to win all three that they have remaining to gain the last playoff spot.

With their up and down seasons, it's foreseeable that one of those three will finish with two losses. So, it's just up to the Crew really if they can win the last three.

Here's where we currently stand:

Columbus must win out first off. Starting with a obviously navigable second game in a row vs. the Chicago Fire this upcoming Thursday at their place.

Columbus 3- Chicago Fire 1

Followed up by a Sunday match at NYRB.

If the Crew win out they will have 44 points and could eclipse Philadelphia, DC, and even the Impact. To get past the Impact, Montreal would have to get a couple goals worse on GD while the Crew improves.

But, if the Crew were to win 3 and Montreal loses two, that would occur.

Crew on Sunday October 16th would prefer a loss for DC United and Montreal. As well as at least a tie for the Revolution game. Further, a win for Orlando City over the Philadelphia Union.

Chicago Fire 2- New England 2
NYCFC 3- DC United 2
Columbus Crew 2- NYRB 1
Toronto 2- Montreal 1
OCFC 3- Philadelphia Union 2

Orlando City, tied with us on points currently would then have 38 with a win, but we would hopefully have 41. All Orlando City can achieve is 41, we can still get to 44. So, if they beat Philadelphia, the Union would then go into the last week at 42.

The next week, October 23rd the Crew would like to see Orlando City win again at home against DC. Philadelphia lose or tie. New England can lose, tie, or win.

Orlando City 4- DC United 2
Columbus Crew 3- NYCFC 2
NYRB 1- Philadelphia Union 0
New England 3- Montreal 0

If those magic results were to occur.


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