Tuesday, October 4, 2016

10/4/16: Thoughts vs. Chicago

Duka joins goal charts of Crew SC in 2016, thanks in part to one hell of a pass. Picture by Greg Bartram

The Crew played well enough on Saturday at home to saunter off with a 3-nil win against a legitimately shambolic Chicago Fire side.

In comparison, hopefully we were just pretending to be shambolic for a while. Yet, despite win as usual found something to disagree with.

How Many Goals Does Ola Have To Score To Start Every Game?

If I was Ola I would be rather annoyed with Saturday. Sitting the bench against Chicago. Like sitting a sizzling T-Bone in front of a German Shepard with an electric fence around it.

Just enjoy watching all the space and opportunity Ola. And your opportunity to get to the top of the goal scoring charts go bye-bye.

4 or 5 goals watching Saturday wouldn't be impossible over two games against this Fire for him. Could've put himself very close to the top of the goal scoring charts. Hell, he still almost had one in his limited minutes.

I don't think Adam Jahn is terrible and makes chances occur in a different way. But, if you need to start someone new give either Clark, Parkhurst, or Meram a deserved break. Not someone still fighting for something.

Ola deserves a chance at the charts. The guy had two months on the sideline to start the season. So, he doesn't really need that time compounded on the bench undeservedly at the end of the season.

For Ola, two more goals wasn't unfathomable with a full 90 Saturday. The entirety of the game for the Crew was wide open; as wide open as it gets. There couldn't be a better chance for a striker to score in MLS.

His replacement Adam Jahn tried but his touch on the ball killed three attacks first half. I'm guessing Berhalter is hoping that Jahn morphs into a more friendlier Kei with his height. But, when Berhalter complains about a small Ola drought Jahn doesn't fill the void, any lingering questions with goals.

Further for Berhalter, you would think that having Ola near the top, if not at the top, of the charts would help him. No?

If anyone says "Hey Berhalter, man getting rid of Kei was a terrible idea!" He could say "uh well, his predecessor Ola won the goal scoring charts" and walk away.

Ola was 5 goals back of the goal scoring lead on a cooling BWP. But, with him sitting the bench now he's 6. Credit to whoever could argue that a start Saturday would hurt his figures.

Other Than That Good I Guess

The 3-0 win could be slated as much to the Chicago Fire roster and coach being utter crap by MLS standards; as it could be slated to a 'wonderful' Crew performance.

I thought it was okay. Yet when Afful's rocket went in the most rando assortment of MLS players (Chicago) put their heads down and it was all Crew.

Credit to these guys for showing. God almost melted saying that:

Not much of anything to cheer about on their end. Hopefully they all had an extra $500 laying around to waste.


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