Monday, October 24, 2016

10/24/16: Positives of Decision Day

1. Hopefully the last time we see this. Were yellow and black, distinct. Not a odd resemblance of the city flag that no one in the city would care about or get.

Talk about too much time on your hands. Was a bad idea from the beginning like this season.

Fake smiling so hard.

Farewell Crew. I'm ready for this offseason and some soccer therapy.

Small side note, there's maybe one player in the above picture I want to see starting next year. And not Kei Kamara lol. Berhalter's move to ship him off I totally support after his random, weird Crew attendance twitters.

2. My positives of the 2016 season in one short sentence.

Ola Kamara period.

Columbus got whipped, but there was one positive moment as Ola Kamara scored again.

That's the only positive from this season. Ola Kamara scoring and playing. I hope Berhalter has caught on, doesn't need to start Jahn every 3-4 games.

Think Jahn has done some good things. But, 65th minute on is fine.

3. Portland Timbers, who beat us in the MLS Cup last year in Columbus, were eliminated from the playoffs as well yesterday.

Caleb Porter is a bit um.

And if no one can oodle the Berhalter praises anymore, guess it's good that Porter hasn't done crap at all this year either.

4. Further, New England were officially eliminated since they didn't win 11-0.

Good thing Kei Kamara could really show Columbus by not making the playoffs either. Too focused on his twitter and whether a Crew game is officially a sell out.

Honestly, here's to him just focusing on his game again next season. Hope he can.

Here's to Columbus doing it as well. Hopefully cutting a lot of dead weight off of this team and making the correct offseason acquisitions.


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