Tuesday, October 18, 2016

10/18/16: New Stadium In Columbus Survey

Somewhere like the Short North would be appealing. If there was any room to put a stadium.

As many Crew fans received yesterday, I received an email regarding possibilities for a new stadium with a survey.

The entire survey is below with my answers if you care. I would pause every time a question comes up if you want to read them:

If a new stadium was to occur in the future for the Columbus Crew and Mapfre was to be replaced.. The debate is on one end, "Yes.  Mapfre, CCS is a bit old and unremarkable, could be much better." "Yet, it's historically the first Major League Soccer stadium and it's also where USA vs. Mexico happens, dos a cero, and does that still happen if it goes?"

I'm between both sides and more into regard to Crew history compared to US National Team history. Although, that's important as well. Not just for soccer fans but for the city.

USA vs Mexico at Crew's Mapfre is bringing people from across the country into Columbus for a weekend every two years. I'm sure it's a nice thing for downtown business that week. Not something they would like to lose.

Also, I think this is a very good point by Chris LaMacchia as well; as it would be nice if one place in MLS stayed a bit historic.

Renovations? Without a doubt. Replacement? Never.

Think of it this way: Mapfre might not be a shining jewel of a stadium, but no one was clamoring to replace Fenway or Wrigley after 20 years. And if they had, what cathedrals would baseball have now? Look at what the Steinbrenner kids did to The House That Ruth Built - its a parking lot now. Not to mention the Polo grounds and Ebbits and all the rest. Do history and character mean nothing to anyone anymore?

Also: If Mapfre goes away, that will make the StubHub Center (or whatever it's called now) the oldest stadium in the league. Talk about the antithesis of cathedral.

Unless the Crew put in a ridiculously beautiful canopy stadium downtown in the right location with the Nordecke still in a north corner of a stadium. FYI, Nordecke is German for "North Corner" so watch them put the supporter groups in the South bleachers of a new stadium lol. If all those weren't right, would be less keen on it.

Especially considering it's debatable whether Columbus would just make it worse compared to getting it right.

Perhaps, just build roofs on Mapfre Stadium and improve it to a grand degree. Put $50 million more into the stadium. Maybe get a bit more creative, better with ticket sales, although that happened apparently this year despite bad results and what a certain Kamara says on his twitter lol.

If you need a comparison, look at the renovations at BMO Field it looks like a grotesquely better stadium than the one we went to as Crew fans in 08, 09.

Also, if you want bars, shopping. Buy the land or work out something with the city to just put it around the current stadium. Why not. I'm sure that area could use it.

Further, Rock on the Range must be a cash cow for them with how much it was in this survey. Question do they want two of those? Just put an EDM festival there on another weekend.

Sure it would work out the same and might be cheaper actually. Have no interest in Rock on the Range but EDM festival. Yeah. Ohio University has one every year in some crap field. Crew Stadium would work better.

Overall, of course, I'm interested in a new stadium. Has completely changed Sporting KC for example. But, has to be right or might be better to renovate the current dramatically instead.

I liked that Short North was included. I find that a bit interesting with the nice restaurants and bars in that area, if you somehow could nestle a stadium in there. That would be excellent.

I went to The Short North to eat at The Pearl Restaurant before the season opener with my mom. A personal favorite.

Another poster mentioned:

The lease is up in eight years. A renewal would be for 25 more. USMNT or not, it's great that they're already starting.

I don't expect a new stadium to come up anytime soon, if perhaps ever. So, when in the survey they asked for additional comments I put additional comments on how to improve the current stadium and experience.

Some backdrop. Since 2008, just walked to games with other Nordeckians. Never drove to the stadium or had to deal with the parking lot, walked, went to Ruby's or the tailgate in the parking lot beforehand, didn't usually go crazy but had a few drinks.

I never could understand why other parts of the stadium were so empty. I'm like this is a blast!

Well, this year I went to the season opener like a normal sober fan, family. Two midfield seats, me and my mom, we drove into parking lot, went to team store.

What I wrote

"The new entrance to the stadium right after Lowe's was a bit awful for the season opener. Traffic seemed to run a lot smoother when everyone entered the second entrance to the stadium on that same road. But, looked closed off.

We were directed into VIP parking. I don't know if it was on accident or on purpose. But, I'm like yeah were not supposed to park in here. But, the exits were blocked with cones and it took us 15 minutes to get into regular parking.

It was really a bit confusing, and started an argument between us. And I figure I know Crew parking a bit better than most so wonder what arguments it starts for people new to the stadium.

Once we got that down. We had about two hours before the game so we went to the team store (or rather team closet). My first time in there actually and I've been going to games since 06'. Perhaps now last time, lol, wasn't good.

First off, probably a 40 minute line. If you guys do build a new stadium how about making that a half wing of the stadium and perhaps make the prices a bit more reasonable.

I came in with the direct intention of buying something with the new Crew SC logo. Because although I would consider myself quite a fan I have nothing. But, some sweaters were 120 bucks.

I can get shoes or pants at H&M for $30. So, not interested in going to pay $120 bucks for a meh sweatshirt no matter what's on it. Should get Homage or some other downtown store that sells shirts in charge of your team store and direction.

Tried to leave. The only way to leave was through a checkout and they were like all confused when I didn't buy anything. I was like uh just want to get out of here.

On the way home, exiting was no better. We were directed through some run down neighborhood despite the highway being right there."


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