Saturday, October 1, 2016

10/1/16: What To Watch For Against Chicago

After Wednesday night, playoff dreams are relatively ready for their bedtime read followed by a siesta until October 2017.

DC won against us.
Montreal won.

That means either Philadelphia at 42 points, Montreal at 41, or DC United at 40 would have to decide to go winless in their last three remaining games; while the Crew would have to win all four that we have left.

Speaking of the Philadelphia Union, if Columbus just won the two games they lost to them at home this season we would be at 38 points and they would be at 36.

That slight change alone in this mucky season would put us in 6th today.

Is what it is. Can't change it.

Chances of making are 1.4% again, so lets put it to bed and just focus on playing well for the rest of the season.

Good Enough and Here's Why

If the Crew continue their new form of winning 50% of their games, would be a vast improvement and build into next season.

I could see Columbus finishing in this way:
Better than the prior twelve:

Being competitive again and making some small tweaks in the offseason is a step in a better direction for 2017, compared to where we began 2016.

At Least Were Not Our Opponents

Before you become like me as a Crew fan, a miserable complainer...

Thank the good lord you're not a Chicago Fire fan or a Section 8er. Well, in general, because if you were god bless.

But, Chicago this season and then last:

We've been rather bad this year. But, in that same time span we've had MLS Cup in Columbus.

So, let's take that thought in. Could have two seasons like this.

Chicago is always the best sort of rival as they always make you feel better.

Furthermore, that Eastern Conference win against them was one of the best games I've been to as a Crew fan and Nordeckian. Was electric.

What I Want To See On The Field

Some have asked to give Zack Steffen a run. Perhaps others such as Christian Martinez.

I believe if Steve Clark is 99.9% the man in 2017 he should see it out.

He has been good as of late. His 30th minute save against DC United could've been season saving if Columbus played the second half even better than they played the first.

I would be okay with Martinez getting a start somewhere instead because he could have more of a say definitely next year.

But, I just want Berhalter to do what needs to be done roster wise to give us the best chance to win today and in the next four.

That is most important.

If we could end 2016 as positive as possible. 2017 has a better chance to start off as positive as possible as well.

Crowd Color Demonstration

I don't know if this demonstration got enough push to happen throughout the stadium.

But hope it's at least achieved or tried in the Nordecke; as the section alone would look cool enough yellow, black, yellow, black.

Prediction: Columbus Crew 2 (Ola Kamara 17th & 65th) Chicago Fire 0


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