Friday, September 9, 2016

9/9/16: Podcast 002: Vancouver Game, Who's to Blame For 2016, LA Game, USA.

Trying this podcast thing for something new to try, do. I write stories on here, haven't ever been called the best writer. But, I've been told I have a nice voice as a waiter, lol..

Likely just a old cougar or two trying to flirt. But, mise well take my stories and talk about them as well. So here you go.

I'm totally open to ideas, contests, another voice. You need to put in an application for that here lol at or twitter @CrewtureFanzine

I'm also up for ideas on time of podcast (this one ran a little longer than I wanted). My first one was nine minutes, prefer around that. Also, things I should hit weekly. I'm trying to achieve as unboring as possible, got work left to do.

Music in beginning and end by Columbus Crew fan Metaphortune. The first one is called Black/Gold might be a nice thing to play in your speaker before a game. His website is here

If anyone knows a Columbus, OH artist or Crew fan that has their own music willing to throw something different on every podcast. Could be rock, country, or EDM. I do not care. Will come on every Friday.


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