Thursday, September 8, 2016

9/8/16: What To Watch For Against Vancouver

10th in the East versus 9th in the West.

That should mean there's a chance... A chance of both teams not making the playoffs.

Ahh kidding.. What I meant to say, could be a possible chance for victory.

What To Watch For?

The Adam Jahn Renaissance

Adam Jahn taking over for Ola Kamara at striker? if you read anything into pre-match words, I would say more than likely (link here).

“(Jahn) is pushing Ola, to be honest. He's pushing for a starting position and he wants to get on the field, and with performances like that he’s going to get closer and closer.”

The pulsating and captivating performance was apparently Jahn's last week.

Jahn had a goal in a 2-1 loss in LA after coming into the game late. The game was already 2-0 and he scored the pivotal PK rebound/consolation in the 92nd minute. But, no matter.

Grabbing at positivity straws currently.

I actually thought Jahn, in his limited time at Columbus, looked best in a game when he didn't score. A 2-0 victory against San Jose at home the week prior.

So good in fact... That when we were missing half of our roster and perhaps playing with two strikers, it was Ola Kamara and umm Dilly Duka up top, not Jahn.

Makes sense. Whatever Crew.

Meram, Afful, Tchani are back. Yeahhh, yeah!

Thank sweet Jobu. No Federico Higuaín playing at defensive midfield.

Between that and playing Hector Jimenez at attacking midfield, I think Berhalter may have just lost it. Don't think Klinsmann could even play a player that far out of position. :-)

Doesn't matter. He's our coach as long as he wants to be, which is not untypically Crew.

Not that I don't think Berhalter is obviously capable. I'm aware dude got us to MLS Cup and I'm relatively sure that he will do a bit better next year.

Just think there should be some repercussion or possible repercussion for being this bad for a season.

The LA Galaxy game was so typical of this year. After a few signs of hope the week before, was typically gutting again. I couldn't even write a post game response.

The Crew played well enough for most of it, went down 2-0 because LA took their chances way better; which you could say for nearly every team that plays the Crew this year.

Instead, I wrote a recap of Crew players playing in International games. Because we had one player starting away in Russia, away in Australia, and away in a vital game in Trinidad and Tobago.

Those kind of experiences will pay off. Which means they'll be the three players to leave us this offseason. Joking, don't believe that... Or should I? :-)

Anyways, this is quite impressive for a Major League Soccer team. Has to be the best MLS starting output list in games that matter in international play this past week. Figures were in last considering.

One thing to look at in that list is Meram's Iraq. They were winning against Saudi Arabia in the 80th minute of the second game he started for the Lions of Mesopotamia that week. Well, Meram was subbed off in the 81st and Iraq lost. Just saying.

Luckily, Not The Only Ones Dealing With Some Crap
Image result for pedro morales

I'm crazy.

At least this isn't our Captain. Check out this story. Hmm.

Will you play next year Pedro?

"Yeah, maybe, you never know. Football always changes. That is the reason I try to play every single game now without pain. It doesn't matter what. For the team, for me, it's very important the final games to play good against big teams at home or away."

Yeah that's confident. How about not bringing it up until I don't know, the offseason.

I can tell you why Vancouver is in 9th, if I can't tell you why the Crew are in 10th exactly.

Perhaps it's because this is your captain.


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