Thursday, September 8, 2016

9/8/16: What Do You Blame This Season On?

Columbus Crew SC's lost 2016 season can be traced back to Kei Kamara. You don't say.

The above is an article I just saw today. Thought we were over blaming that for our problems.. Oh it's an ESPN FC writer, woo, that was close.

Reasons for a crummy season can't be lined down to one thing.. Not Kei, or the jerseys, or even dandelions.. But maybe the fact that no one cared enough on this team in general may be a winner.

Fact is we played like dooky since the first whistle in the season opener in Portland. Not on Kei Kamara or any one guy, it's been an attitude thing in general.

But, every Gregg Berhalter version of the Crew plays like dooky for half of the season and All-Stars the second half. This year they've just done the first. So.

Anyways, next time the Crew do a video like this: How about "why do you think we suck so bad this year?"

Could probably get more than 141 views that way. Lord, look at the Crew's YouTube views per video. One has 25, I didn't even know that was possible.

I like these videos, find them humorous. Are they not posting to enough places? Thought I've seen on their Twitter. Could film myself staring at a camera and get 141 views.

Sorry. Just a video guy, lol just saying if you need some help with views uhh respond to one of my video apps one time.

So, what do you think is the main factor or factors in going from MLS Cup to MLS Dump? Post here or on twitter.. If I get some good ones, may do a poll that 5 people vote in. Guess I have that in common with the Crew's YouTube.


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