Thursday, September 29, 2016

9/29/16: Thoughts vs. DC United

"Oh shit. Iceberg."

I said in the last week and a half, Columbus will be in the playoffs if they win a mini-league from matches 23-30 and then matches 31-34 between the last five teams vying for a playoff spot.

To do that they would've had to win last night. They did well overall and made it interesting.

But, if you're not aware, they fell a bit short.

I went right to bed after. Was holding out hopes that we could still somehow catch a complete nose diving Montreal.

But, the issue is Montreal played last night as well and lucked out with it being against San Jose. So, they were victorious too.

The result? Playoffs are now substantially improbable.

With four games left, we need to win all four and hope that either Philadelphia, Montreal, or DC decide to gain no points the rest of the way.

And other below the red line teams that are still ahead of us (Revolution, OCFC) are too busy with attendance analysis.

Basically, were f'ed. But glad it was interesting for a few weeks. Not being sarcastic, was a nice change Crew SC.

*Should've known it wasn't going to be a night of dreams when I turned on the stream.

The college intern (likely) producing the game for DC United forgot the scoreboard for the first 7 minutes. That's the only way to not have a scoreboard in 2016.

Trust me I know. It's just a personal, work thing. Produced 10 college tournaments, Division I college soccer for NSCAA. It's like forgetting to press a button.

Then I was annoyed at the end as do they have to name every DC United fan watching around the world? What a s**t gimmick, no one cares.

A tactical soccer analysis of the game being played instead, every once in a while, would've been okay.

*And could someone explain the thought of changing the lineup? Yes I know 24 under 24 legend and All-Star Wil Trapp was back.

But, we've won two in a row with Sauro and Parkhurst with Naess in front.

I don't think it was happenstance that we started to win 4 of 7 with the introduction of Naess and return of Sauro. I wasn't even aware that Trapp was in for most of the game.

*We looked good first half I thought.

Oodles of possession.

But, unlike against New England we couldn't get the ball to Ola. Didn't see him either most of the game.

Possession is great in the middle third. But, if you don't see it in the final third at all. That could be a bit problematic and was last night.


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