Tuesday, September 27, 2016

9/27/16: Crowd Support Tifo For Crew vs. Fire Home Final

Not a Nordecke thing. A whole crowd thing.

Let's get over MLS Cup 2015 and a shoddy beginning to 2016. Support our players, show them some love with an entire crowd demonstration.

It's simple. Wear yellow in a yellow section, black in a black.

Let's show MLS Attendance Analyst Kei Kamara what's up, lol. Never heard of a Major League Soccer player posting attendance smack talk.

Lol, looks like 80% percent to me here. Heaven forbid some season ticket holders not showing up for Kei's return or a Crew game considering our season.

Maybe he could focus more on another Kamara's game film, learn how to score again than being a Major League Soccer attendance analyst.

Even if he perhaps has more of a future in that for FS1.

No matter. If you're going to the Columbus home finale on Saturday pay attention.

If your ticket is in a black section wear black, yellow wear yellow. Let's go hard. Get our pride back. Team is starting to step back up, let's do it too.

Our team has won two in a row. If they win three tomorrow, Saturday's home game could put us in the final playoff spot.

It's time for us fans to step up. Do our part.

A look at the playoff hunt is here.

So, lets make this happen. Go for it.

Kei laughing at us and our organization makes me laugh hard because dude plays here now right?

That intense Revolution atmosphere.

They've had near the worst attendance for years (better this year congrats), has the worst logo by a country mile, is a team that rents Tom Brady's home once a week, and what's their supporters group name?

He's probably upset because he knows "Kei Kamara is better than Ola" chant is not possible there or well any chant that would be audible.

No matter. Even if you play for Seattle embarrassing to talk about attendance of a former team. A bit baffling, desperate.

I was on his side for most of the season. Wrote it often here. Think a lot of Crew fans were. Just strange reactions.

But, I'll use any motivation. Team needed waken up, fans may need it a bit too from December 6th, 2015.


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