Monday, September 26, 2016

9/26/16: Ola Kamara

Last week, in a preview for yesterday's game, I broke down Ola Kamara's results this year compared to Kei's.

With 13 goals on the year Ola was in 9th in the 2016 goal scoring charts. Kei was in 17th.

I stated that if he keeps the Orlando City form going to finish off the season Ola has a chance at finishing 2 through 8.

Well, as of yesterday he did keep that form. Ola Kamara is now in 5th, Kei is in 18th.

And with 15 on the season, with another game before Bradley-Wright sees the field. Why not spot No.1? No pressure haha, he's already eclipsed expectations ridiculously.

Ola's .81 goals per 90 minutes is the best for all strikers.

The only player with better is midfielder Frank Lampard at a .86.

As far as Kei Kamara, he should open his own PR Firm after he retires. An expert at staying the story when he no longer is one.

Last night puts that story to bed for me. If Ola wins the 2016 goal scoring charts will it finally put it to bed for everyone?

Can he then get credit by Columbus fans and the league as a very damn good striker.


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