Sunday, September 25, 2016

9/25/16: The Hunt For A Green October

Going into today's circus maximus. I look at the playoff hunt since the point of the season the Crew decided we remembered how to win a game again.

Since that point..

Before that point we forgot for 10 games, so could say that's when the season started up again.

I'm of the thought currently one of New England, DC, Orlando is likely to end up ahead of us. They all have more points, one of the three is going to get it right.

My money is on DC. They only have one loss since week 23, they're hot right now or well warm out of all of these teams.

Of course, we must still beat them on Wednesday and luckily they're due for a loss in MLS you can't be good for too long schematics. But, they're my favorite to get the other playoff spot up for grabs between these 5 teams.

Don't fret though.

I believe in the last week of the season spot six in the Eastern Conference will be between one of these other clubs and a new player in the last spots, Montreal. Or possibly between the two teams you see today, Columbus and New England, as I think Le Impact may be Le Done.

Le Impact have a win, 2 ties, and 5 losses since Week 23. And a coach with no resume in Mauro Biello. I think the reality of that may be catching up to Montreal.

Biello finished his interim season at 7-2-2. But, the new face impact might have finally worn off.

They even recently lost 4-1 to Orlando, the same Orlando that us and DC beat 4-1 in the last two weeks. So thinking it's a tailspin.

Would've been helpful if we won some game on May 7th :thumbsdown:against them, lol. A game that has a bit to do with today.

Looking at this part of the season, DC United may have the best form, but New England has been red hot as of late to a much greater degree.

Winning in their last three. Beating Montreal, and beating tied for 1st in the East NYCFC and 2nd in the West Colorado. So today's a contest.

I think today decides which team will have a chance of overcoming Montreal in the final week, Columbus or Kei's New England.

If Columbus can get it done today and somehow get it done as well on Wednesday. With the same amount of games played as Montreal and still 1 less than NE and DC, they'll go into Game 31 with 35 points, to New England's 36, DC's 37, and Montreal's 38.

A game in hand with two spots up for grabs.

These next two games are make or break. The season quite literally.

If we win the point total in games 23-30 between these teams, and do similar 31-34 we'll be okay.


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