Friday, September 23, 2016

9/23/16: Two Kamara's & What To Watch For Sunday

Two Kamara's

Ola Kamara has 13 goals in 21 games. Whereas, Kei Kamara has 10 goals in 26 combined appearances for Columbus and New England this season.

Those statistics may sound much closer than they appear.

Ola has 740 less minutes on the field this season. That's over 8 games and a nice substitute appearance less than Kei.

And Ola still has three more goals.

My question is whether Ola harbors any ill thoughts to spending a good chunk of this season behind Kei.

Because with 740 more minutes on the field Ola is legitimately leading the Major League Soccer goal charts for the 2016 season.. A lot of if's go into that alternative universe, but I wouldn't bet against Ola being near 20 if he had 800 more minutes.

I'm sure he wouldn't mind that resume builder. He's near the top at goals per 90 minutes.

Ola is unlikely to catch Bradley-Wright Phillips at a monstrous 20 goals. But, if Ola's double salvo and assist against Orlando City gets him going again, he still has a fighting chance at spots 2 through 8.

If he had a full season only him and Bradley Wright Phillips are at a .75 goals per 90 minutes. Frank Lampard is the only one perhaps better, but debatable if Lampard had a full season in midfield one would think, a ridiculously impressive .86 currently.

Kei Kamara is at a unremarkable .39 this year. His .72 last year, Ola still perhaps tops. Hard to believe when you don't put wins with the goals.

So question...

Go back to around May 11th, Kei Kamara traded, but Gregg Berhalter says "I went to Sylvia Browne and she guaranteed to me that Ola Kamara will have 13 goals in the next 21 games."

Your thinking Playoffs!! Right?

I guarantee it Montel! That it might not happen!

Ok that wins at most random reference.

So What Can Solve This For Berhalter

Have this team win out and make the playoffs, simple.

I figure that's why he has until next year because currently he has the best possibility of making that happen. I mean he's been here before to slightly less extremes.

Berhalter's teams are profoundly bipolar with results season by season. 2015 MLS Cup Columbus started their first 15 games with 4 wins, 5 ties, and 6 losses. And won 7 out of their last 11 games.

Keep the same exact starting players AS THE LAST GAME, MAKE THE SAME SUBSTITUTIONS. 

Columbus hasn't got the formula right much this year so when you do, don't tinker. Berhalter tinkered after the win last time out against New England and it went not well at home against Philadelphia.

Don't let history repeat itself.

That's the Berhalter, Klinsmann types at moments. They think they can always come up with something even more groovy.

We won 4-1 far away from home in front of 30,000 fans. I think you found a winner.

Video: Kamara Showdown

Prediction: Columbus Crew 5 (Ola Kamara 28', Justin Meram 42', Ola Kamara 67', Justin Meram 81', Ethan Finlay 89'), New England 3 (Kei Kamara 7', Keylyn Rowe 48', Kei Kamara 74') I expect a crazy game with a crazy score line but Columbus gets it done for once when they need to at home.


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