Friday, September 2, 2016

9/2/16: What To Watch For Against LA Galaxy

LA Galaxy are a bit disheveled currently as well
Three Crew starters (Afful, Tchani, & Meram) and a valuable backup (Saravia) are out on international duty from this game. Therefore, it could be considered somewhat comforting that Columbus and LA are facing similarly titanic obstacles in preparation for Saturday.

Zardes recovery isn't even the beginning of things for LA.

Van Damme is out for a few weeks, Steven Gerrard is very doubtful, Robbie Keane will be limited after traveling to Ireland for his internal au revoir, a demolition of Oman.

And Nigel de Jong, relatively out of nowhere is now with erm Galatasaray. Arena is probably loving the diarrhea inducing stress lately :-).

Overall great timing for the Crew's ankles. In addition, here's an amusing/baffling story about MLS media regarding De Jong on his way out.

Will Robbie Keane be as well distracted? To be honest could boost him this weekend or he could be exhausted mentally and not play, which anyone would understand.

Kind of a nifty last goal out:

More Importantly. What Can The Crew Do?

Other than making the MLS recognize FIFA dates.

Well can't do anything about what we have to deal with and who were facing. Can only adjust yourself to give the best chance. Has to be a situation that a good coach can flip into wins. Definitely a task for either side this week.

For us. No Afful, Tchani, Meram... Panic? Change of formation? Uh, maybe.

Cristian Martinez has looked rather good with the Riverhounds and obviously, in below clip,  recently in practice. Further, Martinez has already had a pretty good introduction with the first team months prior before being shipped to da Burgh.

In addition, Higuaín is perhaps still hurting and Meram is gone. So, think Berhalter rightfully may be tired of other backup options in midfield, give Martinez a start.
Another more than likely reintroduction, Sauro will be available and considering the situation, perhaps starting.

So, maybe..
---------------------Jahn* ---------------------                            *Or Ola
Cedrick-----------Ola*--------------------Finlay                   *Or Martinez

What I could see happening for sure:
1.) I think Jahn was brought in against his old team foreshadowing playing two strikers during this FIFA week perhaps.

If he played well last week....
And I think he did, especially first half.
2.) Jimenez is definitely playing somewhere on the backline for 3G's and his return to LA.
3.) And debatably see happening less, but might be good.

Parkhurst at DM. If he plays well there perhaps becomes our second DM when Sauro fully returns. That way we have a place for Naess, Sauro, and Parkhurst.

And I still think Parkhurst is still a much better player than Crew fans have given him credit for in recent past... Just has lost it on the backline at times and not because of himself totally as a lot of people have been impressed with him next to Naess.

So, maybe at DM, he could be really good for us. Who knows? Interesting at least.

Feeling uh after looking at that prospective lineup

Well, this should make you feel better,

------------------------------Dos Santos----------Gordon--------

What LA may be working with.


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