Wednesday, September 21, 2016

9/21/16: Kei Returns

Last time in Columbus was below...

It's like watching two parents divorce. Yeah not as terrible but if there was a soccer equivalent.

My luke warm take. Kei's team is about the only one that the Crew have an up on currently.

The last time the two met, Columbus defeated them with relative clean sheet ease 2-0 in New England.

The 2-0 win there and 4-1 win at Orlando City is starting to make one wonder if Columbus this year only resembles a capable soccer club on turf. But, versus Kei on FS1 is nice added motivation to bring in the fans and perhaps keep a winning streak going.

Columbus, one would think, can only say "hell no" to capitulating their last hopes of playoffs against Kei. One is hoping.

And Columbus is due for a winning streak as they've about used up their losses and ties for the next four seasons.

Anyways, what do you think the reaction should be of Crew fans? I think ambivalence, rather unconcerned ambivalence if at all possible. One can pretend.

I don't see Kei or well anyone as a focal point for Crew fan anger this season. Just think, in general, there's mad random confusion about who to be mad at.. Not over the Kei situation directly, but 2016 in general.

If Kei got stick from fans, think him and his teammates get going. If he's just ignored, I think that bothers him more. Think he relatively will be. But, have no idea until Sunday.

I'm glad this all happened last year. I'm glad Kei got another chapter in Columbus. 

I don't think his outburst towards HiguaĆ­n after a 4-1 lead turned into a 4-4 tie was completely incorrect. I don't think Federico was out of control wanting someone else to take it.

I just think Kei Kamara needed to bite his tongue or he's opening the door to leave. He didn't care to go, didn't bother him to leave during that moment...

By doing this he left it in Berhalter's hands and can't completely disagree with Gregg's choice. But, was it all needed, necessary? No and that starts with Kei.

But, I think everyone from 2015, everyone in the starting 11 including Kei, lacked the necessary desire in 2016.

Hoping that changes for all parties involved.. Hell including Kei.


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