Monday, September 19, 2016

9/19/16: Crewture Thoughts vs. Orlando City

I think were much improved on a quicker surface for whatever reason. Last two times we looked decent this season, or well better than decent, were on New England's and Orlando City's craptastic turf surfaces.

I rather have our beautiful grass than win games on a terrible surface at home. But, our possession goes faster on turf and is too much for other teams to handle on that surface for some reason.

Or rather it didn't hurt that Orlando City played a higher line as well. Perhaps the two combined.

What have you. 4-1 win on the road could've been easily 7-1, considering Duka and Jahn's baffling misses.

Next Two Games

We play New England on Sunday at the Fre and DC United at RFK in two Wednesday's.

Both are must wins. Every game left is. This team should be capable oddly, should be tired of the current to just do it. 

Defeating two teams we must jump to get to that sixth place spot would be well necessary, if the Crew still want to bother, not trying to just tease us with aberrations.

Were a bit due for a winning streak I think. Just saying.

Ola Is Our Striker

It's funny that you can come to a new team and score 11 goals in like 17 games and Adam Jahn could be pushing you for your spot.

I think Saturday can put that to bed. If you need a quick refresher.. Ola scored twice and started that off with a very unselfish assist to Ethan Finlay, when it would've been debatably as good to take it himself.

His second goal in the closing minutes of the game was such a smart finish (check out clip below).

And Jahn's wide open net steroid miss right before that was terrible (in clip as well). I think Jahn has been good usually when he has come in and has earned a run in this team as a 60th minute guy. But, Berhalter could be a little more patient with strikers, as he is with everyone else.

Ola is quality. Be happy, him and Naess are solid new additions to what has been a dismal season so far. Berhalter can at least take credit for that.

Sunday I Think Is A Solid Scenario

Big 4-1 win on the road. The last club we beat similarly on the road, we now play at home.

Getting one up on Kei Kamara can always be added motivation for this group.

Were on FS1, should be a very good crowd. If you're on national television, which never happens for us, should fill that stadium.

With how easily we beat them the last time at their field, should be oozing with confidence for once.

Should get a win in front of a packed Crew Stadium, a packed Nordecke. With two solid wins in a row by perhaps multiple goals we take that confidence to do the same right away at DC United on Wednesday.

Sounds good to me or at least probable/possible. With what I expected against Orlando City, a multiple goal defeat, lol probably means we'll lose.

But, would play the exact same lineup. When you win like that on the road, you don't change a thing. Let it continue.


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