Friday, September 16, 2016

9/16/16: Last Night's USWNT Game at Crew's Mapfre Stadia

It was Heather O'Reilly's sendoff testimonial match last night. Great place for her to be to sign off on her career, here at Columbus Crew's Mapfre Stadia.

231 appearances with 47 goals including this one.

Predictable 9-0 win against Thailand.

Fans had fun.

And of course most of the headlines, don't relate to O'Reilly, which is probably fine with her.


US Soccer had their statements. If it was up to me, which nothing is lol, would be looked at the same as religion for me.

If you don't follow it or don't show your approval with signs or by being in a building, ok. In the same, if you want to express yourself during the anthem in your own way fine, as long as it's not overly demeaning to others, whatever.

If US Soccer wanted to make an example of how to deal with this, the best one they could've made was by ignoring it.



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