Wednesday, August 3, 2016

8/3/16: Nordecke World Journal- Crew After Costa Rican Johnathon McDonald

The Columbus Crew's only rumor on deadline day is that there after forward Johnathon McDonald.

Otherwise known as Big Mac or Predator.

I guess someone stalking the opponent's goal like a predator would be a nice added change around Ola, if we can somehow fit him and Ola on the same field.

Because el question, don't we still only play with just one forward in the vaunted Gregg Berhalter system?

If we signed McDonald. We would have Ola, then McDonald, and now Jahn, and Casey for one position.


So, two of our four signings this transfer window would be to help with the position where our lone striker has 10 goals in 14 games.

Makes sense.

I'm perplexed how someone not playing will make our starting XI better?

I rather instead see more than one new defender because our defense has been atrocious or a new midfielder that can start today.

I don't think our midfield is currently set concretely. We could arguably need to replace (Higuain, Finlay, Trapp). All debatable. But if you picked one and did it would say ok.

A fellow mentioned on Bigsoccer that perhaps the Crew could use McDonald as a winger in the coveted Crew winger role as well, I guess that would make maybe more sense.

Not like someone will explain the thinking or interest.

Get it a bit more now.

If it happens, won't complain, Crew could do way, WAY worse. Just want him to find a position if he plays, maybe attacking mid for Higua√≠n? Hmm.. Could perhaps get behind that, would like someone fast in that position. Our attack is wayyyyyyy too slow.

Apparently, the Crew have to make "a juicy offer."

That's what the Costa Rican team Alajuanese said, apparently Costa Ricans are amusing. So is the talent in the second goal in McDonald's highlight above.


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