Wednesday, August 3, 2016

8/3/16: Have The Crew Failed This Transfer Window?

8/3/16: Have The Crew Failed This Transfer Window?

Such a depressing article topic, but I'm writing to hopefully jinx the Crew into achieving what they need to today.

Yes, the Crew have failed if they only achieve what they've achieved so far.

Naess is a starting center back, ok.
Steffen is a backup, good starting goalkeeper some day.
Jahn, even 3G admitted, is a backup striker.

So, we get rid of Kei Kamara. The most influential Crew striker we've had in a while. We get a good chunk of money.

And what do we do to fix 19th place? Sign one starter and two backups. Ok?

The starting eleven is nowhere near as capable as we thought it was after last season. Nowhere.

Gregg thought it was. Who could blame him after last December? But, in reality we probably at least need 3 or 4 new starters.

That's great if we want to blame Columbus fans for being idiotic and pushing for any kind of possible fix.

I don't think that's the case. I just think Crew fans want you guys to figgure itttttttt outttttttt. What are the Crew busy doing all day? Selling tickets? Practice is only two hours.

The Crew have played up how they were going to use all of this Kei Kamara money on something substantial in the Summer.

Maybe they didn't say it that way? Who knows at this point? I could be dreaming; got to dream better if so. It's my fault.

But, honest if the Crew want to wait until the offseason, want to decide the plan is to see who to keep around for next season. Ok, cool, fine.

Just announce the plan.

I'm only pointing out that some have noticed other non-high money teams, who are not in 19th, have made moves a bit bigger than ours.

The Philadelphia Union is after (reports have said signed) Alejandro Bedoya. The Portland Timbers signed a Premier League back (who could be a crap signing).

But, if there is other options out there, known or unknown player wise, I would like the Crew to be involved in something more substantial, some day.

But, the player needs to make the XI better? Does he?

Emil Larsen, Amro Tarek, Hernan Grana anyone?

Well, Grana really improved that XI until one day he said "don't cry for me Argentina, the truth is I'll never leave you."

Any signing is a smart (or not so smart) educated guess. You don't know until they're working for you. I just want you to guess smart Crew.

I don't (and most Crew fans don't) require a DP. Or several unnecessary "not correct fits for the club" signings. Just want some smart, well thought out decision. A certifiable decision. Could be even just to nix half of our starters for more money next season. I don't care. Just would prefer something.

Other than watching Giovinco dance around our starting XI like there a bunch of cones out there.


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