Sunday, August 28, 2016

8/28/16: Crewture Thoughts vs. San Jose

Picture by Sam Fahmi (Gallery From Game)

Felt Like A Game In Columbus Again

Pregame Tifo?

Going Towards Nordecke Second Half? 

Whoever thought it was a good idea to change that is overthinking.

Could see Berhalter doing a little overthinking. Who could imagine.

Not saying were going to inspire them to climb mountains. But compared to the Mapfre Insurance logo and four occupied seats the chances of inspiring something in the last 10 minutes is more likely on our end.

I hear Dwight Burgess mention it every home game this year. Just ask somebody why the change? You've only been the Crew commentator forever.

And Well Yes?

Long Jahn Looked Good. My new thing, trying to get a nickname to stick.

I think Adam Jahn is going to benefit quite well from the way Berhalter likes to play.

Berhalter's system screams for a lone striker that is strong and likes physical battles. Likes getting his head on the ball. Because when that lone striker is doing that it opens things up for Meram (who had a hell of a game), Finlay, Cedrick, Duka, and etc.

Why does it? Because it makes that lone striker a handful in the box. So they must keep tabs on him.

Ola Kamara not so much a handful in the box, but a better finisher.

I'm wondering if Jahn getting the start is because
A.) Berhalter thought he could get a reaction out of Jahn playing his former team or
B.) he'll say that because Jahn is the striker type he wants in the future.

We shall see. If it's just Berhalter taking a risk and shaking things up. That alone could be a good thing as he rarely does any of that.

Jahn's First Start Was Much Better Than Goitom's

Jahn should've probably had a goal at the end of the 1st Half. Was a hell of a save actually. Probably San Jose's only highlight.

Oh forget this gem.

Him and Wondolowski together. Yuck.

I can credit Berhalter with better signing prowess with Naess alone than Goitom, their Argentine defender, and Simon Dawkins as your DP lol.


2 shutouts, 2 wins in a week, Parkhurst looks capable again with him.

Quite big.

I was a bit disappointed Wednesday. But, considering before this week it was months since our last win. Two in a week, I'll be okay with.

Keep it up.

Crewture Highlights:


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