Thursday, August 25, 2016

8/25/16: Top To Bottom Wrong In 2016

Don't worry quiet enough last night.

I feel you bro. Feel like I deserve that:

I was going to take a day to calm down and write something as nice as possible about losing twice at home to the Philadelphia Union in one season.

As what can happen next? Armageddon?

Got to save Columbus today baby.

We were once a team that couldn't lose at home. Now we can lose to Philadelphia at home, twice a year? Mapfre has been renamed Doophole Complex.

Anyways was letting it go and then saw this.

The Crew front office bragging about Adam Jahn's goal being a goal and said screw it. Screw being nice. They deserve it.

When you read the following, remember Philadelphia scored a second later to win the game, AND WE LOST.


True, true, and true. Why are we bragging about our goal in a loss?

And just in case the Crew delete something else,

What's going on in that office? Figured more people could just wander in on accident last night.

Maybe FC Cincinnati can teach them how to sell tickets.


Berhalter with the Cedrick Situation

If you didn't know an uninjured Cedrick Mabwati did not dress in the 18 last night.

Who knows why or what he did? What the situation happens to be? But, this scenario seems similar; has played out a few times and is a bit discerning to me.

Was a No Flex Zone, No FLEX ZONE.

In a game where we could've used an attacking jumpstart on the bench. A change of formation. SOMETHING. We get Duka, Jahn, and then Corey Ashe as substitutions? As you might have expected, didn't jumpstart anything.

Further, why bring on a left back in Ashe in the 80th minute when your down 2-1?

So, I wouldn't be surprised if it's c'est la vie Cedrick if you take in regard recent team history.

1.) Emil Larsen. We sign Larsen in the 2016 offseason, half the year that Larsen was here for cannot get into 18. How is a player supposed to get comfortable in a team that way, he doesn't. Larsen may not have deserved to be in 18.. But, highly debatable as guy played for Denmark in the Olympics!

Sure he might've been meh in the Open Cup and in a friendly against Veracruz. Haha, ok good enough I guess. We tried our best.

Not implying Larsen deserved to just get time. But if you're going to make him the biggest signing in the offseason maybe give bro 180 minutes that matter before you release him? Someone should've twittered Larsen and told him that it would be a waste of time to come here in a similar position as Higuain. That was his crime.

If he just wasn't good enough then it's still ridiculously bad on 3G for signing him.

2. Waylon Francis sat the bench for a long while for nothing in particular. He hasn't been great but no worse than Finlay, Trapp, or anyone else. Has been better than loveable Afful crossing wise for sure and in general in a few games. Sure Afful has been better for a few too. But that much better? Eh.

Afful positively brings ball up, getting attack moving in a lot of ways. But, should stay at midfield as he shanks just about every final third opportunity. And ruined about two others, on top of shooting, with his dribbling last night.

Just being fair.

Sometimes it's like Berhalter just needs someone to blame.

3. Cedrick. I can guess what happened.

Cedrick got a bit annoyed that his chances to play went to zero again once Finlay had one decent moment all season and had some comment under his breath and Berhalter didn't like it.

Well, if so, he has a point.

One more thing. So, we WIN A GAME FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MONTHS. Why sit Saeid after win for Tchani? I'm sure considering circumstances, Tchani would've or might've understood this time.

Good luck figuring a lot of this befuddling mess out. I'm starting to think a lot of people there can't.


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