Monday, August 22, 2016

8/22/16: What To Watch For Against Philly Union

1. Last Time The Crew Played The Union at Home, Wasn't Good

I hope the Columbus Crew can use that as this week's motivation.

Last weeks' was obvious, want to come out ahead of Kei and of course finally tally a win.

Well, I think the motivation for Wednesday is obvious too.

When the Crew lost their home opener to Philly, they still felt as if they were a big team. 

Can look back on that and say that's where our season started to go wrong. We can make the season right this time around.

There were also a few, like me, that were surprised that now the Philadelphia Union are making bigger moves than us and mentioned.

Can put that to bed too.

Should look at these all as six pointers against the Eastern Conference. With a win, even the Union is catchable.

2. Ethan Finlay

I don't know how the magic of the brain works. But, Ethan Finlay looks wired now.

I think he's a bit more cerebral than some players. I didn't think he was god wonderful against NYCFC. But, had a feeling two goals would get him in a good spot and he looked great against the Revolution.

Team looked unrecognizable at times against New England.

Sure they were still possessing. But, not just possessing to possess, instead doing some quite wonderful soccer around the field.

Finlay and Meram keyed in makes this team so much better.

Naess and Parkhurst were a breath of fresh air on Saturday as well.

3. Success This Week, Comes Down A Lot On Berhalter's Player Management

Played New England last Saturday, play Philadelphia Wednesday, and San Jose next Saturday.

That's a lot of minutes in a short spell.

I think most of our guys are exceptionally fit, not an issue. But, some might need the minutes to be 60, instead of 90 at some point.

Just would still start Saeid, if everything worked well for once last game, keep it.

Over the next two games, 60-70 minute subs that could be required.

Dilly Duka for Federico (60 minute for one game, maybe two with coming off injury)
Christian Martinez for Finlay (70 minute for one)
Jahn for Ola (60 minute for one game)

Ola could be a bit sore after the last game, deserves a small break.

Let him get a goal or assist on one. Then let Jahn get a longer run out to see what he can do.

But, leave it at that. Don't try to overcoach or overthink the situation. Especially when your team is in a good spot mentally for once this entire season.

4. New Signing That Looks Better on Wednesday?


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