Friday, August 19, 2016

8/20/16: What to Watch For Against New England

1. Will Berhalter "Must Win" Talk Mean Results? 

Berhalter stated “we talked this morning about what this game means, exactly what this game means, and there being a lot of implications behind this game. If you win it, you’re back in it. If you tie, it doesn’t help much, and if you lose, it’s tough.”

One week Berhalter was being tough on the guys in practice. Another he bemoaned that guys need to show him they want to be here in games.

No matter tie or loss.

I would like Berhalter to accentuate how vitally important a game is once and have it lead to an ass kicking response. Hopefully team talks are a little more inspiring than Berhalter's above explanation.

Players have said the intensity of the week has been “ramped up" and their "backs are against the wall."

Well, feel free to ramp up the intensity weeks in advance next season. If ramped up every week perhaps you don't find yourself 3-8-11.

2. Care If You Must

Instead of maybe no one... Maybe no one should care. Kei Kamara included. It is what it is. Didn't happen how I wanted it to (as well as for I think anyone). But, happened.

Ola has 6 more goals, 10 to Kei's 4, since deal occurred.

But, if Crew win on who has more goals, they obviously don't win on what's important, winning.

And who knows. Could've had 30 goals in total if they played two Kamara's? Lol joking. Sort of.

The two strikers goes against our vaunted system that's worked so well, so transgress. Let it go.

But, solid article here by Tom Reed.

3. What I'll Applaud Is Some Defense

Nicolai Naess looked good in his introduction with the team last week.

I would like to see him get increasingly more comfortable. If that translates into a few clean sheets would be alright. But, that's on all four in the back four.

If whoever is on that backline can put in a full 90. Not fall asleep for 5 of it that would be nice.

Currently would take clean sheets over a 4-3 win at the moment.

4. Who's Feeling Better at 10 PM Tomorrow?


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